A Former NY Governor's Dire Security Warning Has Twitter Talking

The state of New York has had several prominent governors over the last several decades. Not every politician who has held the distinguished position has left with a respectable legacy, though. Most recently, Andrew Cuomo — the disgraced former governor who resigned under controversial circumstances — was once remembered for bringing the country together during the COVID-19 pandemic, holding memorable press conferences and seemingly giving the Trump administration a run for its money. Now, he has a slew of sexual assault allegations lodged against him, his legacy forever tainted (via the Associated Press).


The Cuomo family has a long political legacy in the state of New York; however, a prior governor beat out Andrew's father, Mario Cuomo, in 1994 (NPR). George Pataki, the last Republican to serve as the state's leader, left behind a more respectable track record than Mario's son, guiding the state through tragedy before turning his attention to the presidential circles of politics.

Pataki served New York amid the 9/11 terrorist attacks and is remembered for uniting the state under devastating circumstances. Now, however, he is commenting on the state of the country and his commentary has Twitter talking.

Twitter wasn't having Pataki's warning

George Pataki, the former governor of New York who was in office during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, recently spoke on a WABC radio show where he commented on how President Joe Biden is leading the country's immigration policy (per the New York Post).


"I fear the consequences of the open border that we can have another attack," Pataki said. "They're not all coming for work. We know there are terrorists. We know there are people on the watch lists. We know there are people who've been smuggled across with one goal — to attack America."

Amid Pataki's grave estimations, Twitter was quick to clap back. "Ummm, George? The 9/11 terrorists were here under legal visas. Not one crossed the southern border, " one user wrote, adding, "But since you were NY governor back then and was tasked with protecting the state, you'd know that."

Another Twitter user wrote, "LOL....if you are smart enough, you know this guy is full of paradoxical BS points. If those migrants were on the watchlist, that means the government has been doing its job to monitor them. So, I am not sure what he is selling, perhaps scare tactics to gain power and money again."