How The Young And The Restless Fans Really Feel About A Sally-Nick Pairing

These days, Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) from "The Young and the Restless" has become used to playing with fire. He's determined to take down his father Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) so he can finally be held accountable for his actions — and to make up for all the years he felt lesser than his siblings, per His strained relationship with his family has leaked into other aspects of his life.

The one connection that was most impacted by his need to one-up the Newman empire was his connection with Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope), reported Soap Hub. Since the beginning, Adam and Sally's relationship was full of passion, which made their breakup all the more heartbreaking. Adam's true reason for breaking Sally's heart – protecting her place in Newman Media — has left fans frustrated since he's done everything in his power to keep his distance both physically and emotionally.

For now, it seems as if Adam and Sally are in the rearview. "Y&R" has been dropping not-so-subtle hints that his brother Nick (Joshua Morrow) — who, subsequently, is also her boss — might be stepping up as the new man in her life. 

But are fans ready for a Sally and Nick romance? They have a lot to say about this new direction. 

A Sally and Nick relationship is most likely in the cards, but fans aren't having it

With the amount of scenes they have shared lately, a Sally-Nick pairing seems almost inevitable. Many fans have been vocal about the potential couple and turned to Twitter to share their thoughts. The general consensus seems to be that a future with Sally and Nick is bleak for a variety of reasons.

In one tweet, a fan admitted that they are holding out hope for a reunion between Sally and Adam but are also open to seeing her with a new character, writing, "Sally has chemistry with everyone. But her and Adam are Power Couple material. I'd be ashamed to have Nick taint that. If they must put her with someone to show Adam what he's missing, use a non Newman. I to am tired of the women characters put with the dad & siblings it's yuck."

In another tweet, a fan wished that "The Young and the Restless" would shift their focus from a possible Sally-Nick romance and instead showcase more moments between Nick and his daughter, writing, "More Nick & Sally scenes, meanwhile he has only had two scenes with his daughter since she came back."

There are some fans who are accepting of the pairing. One person tweeted their approval, writing, "Nick and Sally, why not? Opposites attract!!" No matter where they stand, it seems fans have a lot to say about this pair.