Are The Young And The Restless Fans Ready For A Sally And Nick Romance?

"The Young and the Restless" is gearing up for an eventful summer. The soap opera is a master at pairing the right characters together and making their love feel 100% real. The Genoa City residents themselves may not always strike gold in the love department, considering how many times Victor Newman has been married, but their storylines never fail to entertain soap lovers. One love story worth watching was that between "kindred spirits" Adam Newman (portrayed by Mark Grossman) and Sally (portrayed by Courtney Hope), per

When they first crossed paths, viewers had no choice but to watch sparks fly between Adam and Sally Spectra as they figured out their new relationship. Lovingly nicknamed Ally, this couple's natural chemistry and overall dynamic earned them a devoted fan club. There is so much history between them, so it makes sense that Adam's latest move with Sally had fans seeing red. Breaking up with her in an effort to save her career and prove her loyalty to the family business isn't Adam's only self-destructive move, as he also called her pathetic for fighting for their relationship.

This misguided attempt almost backfired, as Sally decided to quit Newman Media, only for Nick to reject her resignation, per Celebrating the Soaps. With Adam working so hard to distance himself from Sally, it's becoming harder and harder to keep this couple ship afloat. Enter in Nick Newman.

Fans are not happy that Adam's coldness is slowly pushing Sally and Nick together

The more Adam pushes Sally away, it's clear to Ally hopefuls that he doesn't mean a word of it, considering his major sacrifice for her. Now that Adam has dug himself into a hole, all the signs are there that "The Young and the Restless" is planning to mend Sally's heart with a new love interest and fans are not here for it. Love may be brewing between Sally and Nick, according to

Fans turned to Twitter to voice their disapproval of the potential pairing. In one tweet, a fan brought up Nick Newman's relationship history and a possible motive on Sally's part to make Adam jealous, writing, "I'll bet that there is a Nick and Sally pairing on the horizon. Nick can't stand to be alone for long, and Sally wants to show Adam what he gave up."

In another tweet, an Ally lover rejected the idea completely and questioned its originality since this would be yet another love triangle Nick and Adam were involved in, writing, "No to Nick. It's just recycled story if that happened. Sally & Adam need to happen again, it cannot end like this."

What a relationship between Sally and Nick would mean

Though many viewers see Ally as end game, there are "The Young and the Restless" fans who are interested in seeing what could come from Sally and Nick from a storyline standpoint. In one tweet, a user played devil's advocate and said they saw a Nally relationship as an opportunity for character growth, writing, "Happy to see Sally having the opportunity to stand on her own and interact with more characters. She looked nice. Chloe and Sally were good together in their scenes on the show today. Hope Sally [and] Adam reunite soon. Sneak over to Sally's apartment dude. She lives somewhere."

Some viewers are guessing that it will be purely business between the two. Another fan tweeted for Sally to drop Newman Media entirely and make a career change, writing, "I hope this is just going to be a business relationship. I [love] my #Ally. Tbh, I'd prefer to see Sally go back to designing. She and Adam could open a new fashion house and Chloe could come too. None of them will ever get ahead at NE with Victoria in charge."