Why General Hospital Fans Really Want To See Finn And Liz Come To An End

Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) got close on "General Hospital" after dealing with the poisoning of Finn's brother, Hamilton Chase (Josh Swickard), at the hands of Peter August (Wes Ramsey). Having to wrestle with the fact that they thought Peter was dead when Finn threw him down the hospital stairs was a bonding experience (per Celebrating the Soaps).

Since getting together, Elizabeth has had some issues that may stem from her relationship (or lack thereof) with her parents. Per Soaps Spoiler, she was seemingly being stalked by someone, but it turned out the stalker was Elizabeth herself. Realizing that she would black out whenever a stalking incident occurred, Elizabeth checked into the Shaydbrook mental facility. Soap Dirt speculated that the strain from the Peter ordeal triggered those incidents, which may also stem from childhood trauma.

Feeling well, Elizabeth checked herself out of Shadybrook against doctor's orders, but continued to have missing time experiences. Per Soap Opera Spy, Finn was concerned about Elizabeth thinking her issues stemmed from childhood, but she had set up boundaries asking him not to correspond with her family. However, Finn went against her wishes by contacting her parents, and then her sister Sarah (Jennifer Sky). Liz saw Sarah's name pop up on his phone and felt betrayed, per Soap Hub. As a result, she distanced herself from him.

Now that Finn's overbearing need to help Elizabeth may have cost him their relationship, the fans had no trouble expressing how they feel about it. 

Twitter fans didn't hold their opinions back

A recent Twitter post from "General Hospital" stated, "Finn crossed one of Elizabeth's red lines...Is there anything he can say to bring her back around?"

Fans wasted no time offering their opinions, with one posting, "He is emotionally abusing her. Make this stop," while another said, "Hasn't he crossed one about every time they've been together in this story, you know, ELIZABETH'S story? Maybe he could show some respect & cross a state line. And stay there." One reply claimed, "All he does is cross boundaries. Elizabeth needs to rid her life of him permanently. He has no respect for her wishes. He's creepy." Many replies agreed Finn wasn't respecting her wishes and felt the story has dragged on for too long. One viewer simply wrote, "Finn is damn annoying."

A viewer who understands that Finn is only trying to help Elizabeth replied with, "I don't think he would be a good [boyfriend] if he didn't try to get her some help or try to get her to open up #teamFinn and how does Liz have red lines when she's not in line with herself??" Another fan sided with Finn saying, "Walk away Finn! She's fully aware something is very wrong and instead of admitting it she's digging in deeper and lying. There's only so much one can put up with."

Whether or not fans think Finn is hindering her, Elizabeth definitely needs to seek help before things get worse.