Psychic Medium Matt Fraser On Why Talking To The Dead Is A '24-Hour Job' - Exclusive

Some jobs let you set clear boundaries between your work and your personal life. If you're a massage therapist or airline pilot, for instance, once you're done for the day, you're done; no one's going to expect you to bring your work home with you. But other careers will demand more of your personal bandwidth — teachers, entrepreneurs, and researchers regularly work from home on nights and weekends, and they know this when embarking on their careers. For those who choose these paths, their work isn't just a paycheck, but a vocation.


Among the careers that demand round-the-clock mental and emotional commitment is one you probably haven't considered: psychic medium. Matt Fraser, an author, medium, and star of the E! show "Meet the Frasers," knows this firsthand. In an exclusive interview with the List, he revealed that he first became aware of his ability to see and communicate with the spirits of the dead as a young child, but only came to understand and embrace this ability as an adult. Today, he's known for his popular and surprisingly upbeat live events, where he connects audience members with departed loved ones and shares their messages. He also opened up to us about why this isn't just a nine-to-five job.

Spirits don't keep bankers' hours

According to Matt Fraser, once you leave the physical world and enter the spirit world, normal time constraints and the etiquette surrounding them no longer apply. Many spirits have messages to share with those they left behind, and when they realize Fraser can communicate with them, they don't hesitate to make their thoughts known, no matter what time it is.


"There is no customer service hours when you're talking to the dead. Let me tell you something — it's a 24-hour job," he shared. "The souls are always there. There's always something that they have to say. What's so amazing is they know that I'm a phone line to them. That's what they think of me as," he said.

Fraser feels a moral obligation to serve as a conduit between the spirit and physical world and communicate these important messages — because he knows no one else can. "If there's a message that's there, when I'm out to dinner, when I'm walking down the street, when I'm out somewhere, I'll feel compelled to deliver it because the souls will ask me to, and that's my job," he said.

Matt Fraser sees his psychic gift as a calling

Because spirits communicate with him around the clock, Matt Fraser says he can never really take off his psychic medium hat. Instead, he has to be ready to receive messages whenever and wherever they arrive. "There is no turning off whatsoever," he said. "There's sometimes when I'll get in bed at 10 o'clock at night and I'll still hear some messages from the other side."


While encountering these spirits frightened him as a child, he now embraces the opportunity to pass on their messages. "It's a great honor to deliver these messages. At the same time, it's just a part of who I am," he said. "It's almost like when you're a fitness trainer. Even though you might clock out when you leave the gym, the moment that you go home, you might still be thinking about those last clients that you saw. You might still be wondering how someone's doing with nutrition, how they're doing with their exercise plan, it's still a part of you," he explained.

Matt Fraser's newest book, "We Never Die," is now available wherever books are sold.