The Surprising Royal Who Is Said To Be Pushing For Harry And Meghan To Lose Their Titles

Will the palace wars ever end? At this point, it seems highly unlikely. Every day brings a new report that Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, have rekindled the anger of one or more family members. Meghan's eye-opening interview with The Cut reportedly has the royal family reeling, and the British press are accusing her of using her status to stay relevant. Meantime, many are holding their breath to see whether Harry's upcoming memoir really will target one particular royal – Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall — or whether it will be a general mud-slinging at everyone.

The Sussexes will be in Germany and the U.K. the week of September 5, but experts say it won't be a fence-mending trip. Quite the opposite, in fact: Royals author Christopher Andersen tells Us Weekly that Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, will be "playing royal hide and seek" and deliberately trying to avoid his brother. This may be a challenge, considering that the brothers' homes are less than 500 feet apart. And their continued struggle to obtain royal security in the U.K. means that it's "unlikely" Harry and Meghan will visit Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral, according to the Daily Mail

When Harry and Meghan left the palace, the queen took away their royal patronages, along with the prince's military titles. Now, with so much bad blood between the two families, rumors are circulating that the Sussexes may be about to lose the one honorary privilege they still maintain.

Prince William is reportedly urging the queen to cut ties

A source has told OK! Magazine that it may not be long before Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, gets a final demotion. "The highest levels of the firm are telling the queen that she needs to banish Prince Harry and Meghan Markle once and for all," discloses the unnamed source. In other words, Her Majesty may strip the couple of their dukedom and leave them forever known as just Harry and Meghan. 

The source adds that Harry's own brother — Prince William, Duke of Cambridge —–is said to be the one nudging his grandmother toward the decision. The second in line to the throne has proven himself a model of discretion, and the insider says he's dismayed that his brother and sister-in-law repeatedly flout the royals' code of silence. "Prince William is desperate to preserve the credibility of the royal family," the source tells OK! "Expect that he will demand a review of the agreement that allows them to retain their duke and duchess titles." Taking away the honor would also free the palace of the embarrassment of having to respond to any future claims Harry and Meghan might make against the firm.

Still, even if the queen does de-Sussex her disgraced grandson, it won't change one fundamental fact. Per Newsweek, Harry still has a place in the line of succession to the throne, and will always be a prince, even if he's unlikely to be king.