How The September 10 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Capricorn

September is going to be an interesting month for all zodiac signs. On September 9, we'll find mercury retrograde in Libra, and the very next day a full Pisces moon occurs. It's the only Pisces full moon in all of 2022 (via Moon Calendar).

That says a lot because Pisces is one of the most emotionally volatile signs of the zodiac, so all signs may be feeling slightly melancholy (via Allure). You may also feel a little ill at ease or even panicky, so it's a good time to do things for yourself that bring you comfort, like watching your favorite shows of the season or settling down with a good book and a steaming cup of tea. The water sign is also known for being highly intuitive, and on the night of September 10, you may dream and gain some psychic revelations.

Although the Pisces moon will bring change to all, for Capricorns, it's going to be a particularly wild ride.

Capricorns will be urged to finally speak their mind

Born between December 22 and January 20, Capricorns tend to be stoic and have a great sense of duty (via Co-Star Astrology). They are responsible, pragmatic, and ambitious. While this surely helps so much on the work front, when it comes to personal relationships it can be a difficult trait to have.

After all, keeping your emotions in all the time can wear on you. However, this full Pisces moon is calling on you to share your feelings, even if they're not all positive (via Bustle). Sharing your thoughts will bring about peace and understanding. Keep in mind that since mercury is still in retrograde, communications can still be a little off so make sure your words show your true intent.

Though you normally prefer to not reveal your inner workings and aren't much into sharing your dreams or baring your heart, now is the time to allow yourself to be open so you gain a better understanding of yourself.

Take a good look at your work life, Capricorn

Your life typically revolves much around work, Capricorn, and this full Pisces moon is going to shake things up in your career. More specifically, it may force you to consider what you think of your career, and that may, in turn, cause things to shift (via StyleCaster). Think about whether what you're doing is aligning with your inner vision. This time is all about becoming authentic and being true to yourself.

This reassessment may have financial benefits, too. Astrologer Patrick Price says, "Take baby steps towards creating a better relationship with your purse or wallet," (via My Imperfect Life). When you go for what you're truly passionate about, that's when you'll notice big wins professionally, personally, and financially. This full moon on Saturday will increase your ability to communicate and network. It's possible you may have been sitting on the next big great idea, and the stars and moon are aligning for you to finally share it.