Here's How Meghan Markle Really Feels About Being Back In The UK

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, and her husband, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex made their way back to the U.K. on Saturday to embark on a series of visiting charities (via People). The royal couple was last in the U.K. for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee which was the only time they appeared publicly since they hung up their duties as royal working members.

While they plan to speak publicly, this time they will be representing themselves and not the royal family. Though there may be an assumed lower level of pressure since they aren't working in a royal capacity for this trip, there is still much scrutiny, as well as never-ending drama. For example, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge may not even meet with his brother, Harry, though they're both staying on the Windsor Estate (via BBC). A source tells the Daily Beast that William "won't risk" meeting Harry citing fears of their meeting being publicly discussed.

With tensions high, Meghan recently shared how she feels to be in the U.K. again.

Meghan Markle is happy to be back in the U.K.

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, appeared at the One Young World Summit in Manchester and made her first speech in the U.K. since moving to the United States (via Town & Country). She spoke to the crowd of young people and began by saying, "It is very nice to be back in the U.K."

The duchess began working with the organization back in 2014, long before she became a royal. One Young World Summit works with young people to help them become leaders and affect change in the world. "You are the future but I would like to add that you are also the present," Meghan continued. "You are the ones driving the positive and necessary change needed across the globe now in this very moment. And for that I'm so grateful to be in your company today."

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex accompanied his wife for her speech amidst the battle with U.K. police over security. The couple has to hire their own bodyguards after the U.K. denied them any police protection (via the Daily Mail).