What General Hospital Fans Really Think Of Sasha's Recent Public Outburst

Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson), part owner of the cosmetics company Deception on "General Hospital" has truly been through the wringer. When she started off as the face of Deception, the stress caused her to turn to drugs for relief. After losing her baby with husband Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor), she turned to drugs again. Once the paparazzi got involved, her addiction threatened to jeopardize everything she loved and held dear (via Cheat Sheet).

As Soaps in Depth explains, after an incident on live TV and then smashing a reporter's car, Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) — Sasha's business partner in Deception — felt that Sasha's public scenes were detrimental to the company's image and sales. As such, Lucy sat down with Sasha in a restaurant to explain that she should probably take a step back from the company to seek help for her mental health. Sasha ended up screaming at Lucy in the restaurant and smashing the phone of a patron who was recording her. Finally, Brando arrived on the scene and Sasha fell into his arms admitting that she needed help, per Soap Hub.

Fans of Sasha spoke out on social media about her latest public outburst.

Fan empathy for Sasha resonates on Twitter

An official "General Hospital" Twitter post teased, "Sasha is ready to put her scandals behind her and get back to work. What will Lucy have to say about that?" Fan response was a mixture of empathy for the character Sasha Gilmore, irritation that her storylines have put her through such hard times, and praise for Sofia Mattsson's dynamic acting. One critical fan stated, "Why is Sasha being tormented like this. There appears to be no happy end game in store."

Another empathetic viewer wrote, "It's time for our girl to get help. Let's see her journey through counseling and recovery. I want Kevin to look after her and Brando go through the journey supporting her...and Gladys too." Lots of praise for Mattsson was illustrated by the post, "If this lady doesn't win an Emmy at some point, there is NO justice...She is AMAZing!!..." as well as the response, "Both Lynn and Sofia rocked their scenes today!"

An insightful viewer's analysis stated, "Sasha is tripping out. No more excuses. Understand & agree with Lucy...she needs to step back. Sure the rest of the Deception crew will agree, too. Isn't this what company officials do when they're in trouble? Maybe having Ms. Wu talk with her will be more persuasive."

Although many fans are tired of Sasha being tortured, Sofia Mattsson continues to receive praise for her outstanding acting.

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