Britain's Prime Minister Confirms Charles' New Royal Title

Despite the fact that Queen Elizabeth II had been facing health issues in recent days, the news of the monarch's death has been met with shock and sadness around the world. Her eldest son has now become the king, and the newly elected Prime Minister Liz Truss confirmed in a speech that Britain's new monarch will be known as King Charles III, according to Reuters.

Upon becoming a king or a queen, the monarch can have a given name that's different from their regnal name. Some had thought that King Charles III might have taken a different name; his full name is Charles Philip Arthur George, and he could have chosen any of those names for his regnal name. He followed the same tradition that his mother did. Apparently when Queen Elizabeth was asked what she to be called as monarch, she said "My own of course," per Hello!. Queen Elizabeth's father King George IV chose his regnal name to honor his father; his birth name was Albert Frederick Arthur George and had previously been known as Prince Albert.

Of course, the royal family is not just mourning their monarch, but a family member. On Instagram, "a statement from His Majesty the King" noted how much Queen Elizabeth would be missed. And while King Charles III is doubtless dealing with private grief, he has a busy schedule between his mother's sad passing and her funeral.