Jill And Joe Biden Share A Thoughtful Tribute To Queen Elizabeth

No monarch has been on the throne longer than Queen Elizabeth II; she reigned for 70 years, celebrating her Platinum Jubilee this summer. With her sad passing at the age of 96, her son, now known as King Charles III — as confirmed by Britain's prime minister – is the oldest person to become monarch in Britain. During her impressive reign over the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth has had 15 prime ministers, the last of which was Liz Truss; in an unprecedented move, the queen appointed Truss from Balmoral in Scotland, just two days before her death, per NPR. There were also 14 different U.S. presidents that came into office during her time as queen, according to Fox News

The late monarch's meeting with President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden in 2021 would be her last visit with an American president, per Politico. They met at Windsor Castle for Biden's first foreign visit as president, according to Fox News. Biden said while he was there, he invited her to the White House and noted her generosity. With the queen's passing, the White House press secretary issued a statement, and now the Bidens have shared their thoughts.

The Bidens attested to Queen Elizabeth's era-defining legacy

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have released an official statement via the White House website as well as on social media in response to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. It started by noting the legacy of the queen — she "defined an era." 

"In a world of constant change, she was a steadying presence and a source of comfort and pride for generations of Britons," the Bidens wrote. As the queen reigned through a rapidly changing media landscape, from radio to television to the internet, the first couple noted that Elizabeth was the "first British monarch to whom people all around the world could feel a personal and immediate connection."

They acknowledged the role Her Majesty played on the world stage, particularly between the U.S. and the U.K., calling her "a stateswoman of unmatched dignity and constancy who deepened the bedrock Alliance between the United Kingdom and the United States."

The two remembered the times that they met the queen, of course, in 2021 at Windsor Castle with Biden in office, but also in 1982 when he was a part of a Senate delegation. Of the 2021 visit, the first couple said that "she charmed us with her wit, moved us with her kindness, and generously shared with us her wisdom."

They ended their tribute with a confirmation that they'd be working with the king and the queen consort, and extended their condolences to the royal family and to all those in mourning.