Sophie Dunne

Photo of Sophie Dunne
Los Angeles, CA
Carlow College, Ireland
Feminism, Health & Wellness, LGBTQ+
  • Sophie is an editor on The List Features team.
  • She has years of experience in the writing and editing industry with bylines at Women's Health, WebMD, BetterHelp, Grunge, The New Feminist, and more. She's also been the managing editor at an SEO writing agency.
  • Additionally, Sophie is the co-founder and co-host of a Top 1.5% Global Podcast called "she." On the podcast, she interviews folks representing the LGBTQ+ community, feminist activists, sex educators, and sex workers. As part of the "shifting her experience" brand, Sophie has also published a self-reflective journal called "reflect." with her co-host and wife, Tiana.


Sophie has years of experience writing on various topics including history, feminism, LGBTQ+ issues, health and wellness, and travel. For four years, she also worked as a cabin crew member for Emirates, visiting 70 countries, and writing as a freelancer when she wasn't in the air. After retiring from the skies, she worked as a managing editor at an SEO writing agency for several years. When she's not writing or editing, Sophie spends her time researching women in history, with a particular focus on women in ancient and medieval Ireland.


Sophie has a B.A. (Hons) in Humanities from Carlow College in her home country, Ireland. As part of her degree, she studied English, history, theology, philosophy, ethics, feminist political thought, sexual politics, and psychology. These wide-ranging topics qualify her to report and critique on a vast scale of subjects.