How The September 10 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Leo

If you're currently on the verge of making that weekly Google search asking "is mercury retrograde?" we're sorry to inform you that the answer is yes. The intense emotions you may be experiencing are all the more valid with the full moon on September 10, 2022. Magic is in the air, but so is a whole lot of confusion. This full moon lands in Pisces, a sign known for romanticizing things and being a spiritual dreamer that tends to get caught up in feelings, per Costar. So, it's looking like a pretty emotional full moon for everyone. 

Full moons are all about releasing bad habits that have been holding us back or letting go of toxic thoughts that drag us down. This full moon is no exception. If anything, it's an even more intensely self-reflective full moon calling you to look within and figure out why you're allowing these things to hold you back. Astrologist Jennifer Racioppi suggests that you "Lean into the Uranian aspects of letting yourself be your truest self. There's a lot of intuitive answers coming, a lot of breakthroughs — but it's not necessarily time to take action," per Mind Body Green. "It's time to sit, reflect, review, and rewind. Attune and atone," Racioppi adds. What exactly does your zodiac sign need to reflect on under this full moon, though? 

Get some karma clarity

You're not losing your mind, Leo (those born between July 23 and August 22) — there actually is a lot going on for your sign this week. You're likely feeling a lot of deep and vulnerable emotions bubbling up to the surface. Questions you've long avoided are coming to an ugly head, and it's time for you to answer them and fully heal rather than allow your self-imposed intrusive thoughts to run the narrative. 

Woman & Home points out that this full moon lands in a touchy spot on your natal chart, especially with it showing up in your eighth house of karma. You've avoided it for so long, but it's time to face the fact that karma actually could be playing a big role in how things are unfolding for you. Your problems are beginning to feel cyclical, and that's because, in a way, they are. However, by accepting karma, you accept accountability. What role did you play in allowing this cycle to continue? 

There's nothing worse than feeling entirely out of control and at the mercy of some recurring pattern. The only way to break the cycle is to confront yourself and recognize where you're going wrong to release whatever it is under this powerful full moon. You can be in control, Leo — all it requires is for you to break the chains that allow you to keep repeating the same mistakes. The outcome can only change if your approach does.

The past guides your present

A lot is coming to the surface for Leos during this full moon. You likely already feel overwhelmed by old wounds, and even new seeds being planted. You're at a crossroads where you can no longer continue running from the past because it's becoming clear now that it's heavily impacting your present (per Today). You can't jump headfirst into a new relationship when you're still terrified of your unhealed wounds coming back to haunt you in the form of this new person. You need to heal and release the past to truly allow the new seeds to blossom. 

InStyle explains that this full moon also happens to land "in your eighth house of emotional bonds." Your relationships are at the forefront during this time, and the truth is, you've probably already been feeling them taking over your headspace for a few days now. Don't let emotional Pisces or Mercury retrograde overwhelm you with a hurricane of emotion — try to stay calm and focused when sorting through your feelings so it can be a productive experience. 

Something just isn't working, Leo. You're not cursed or doomed to never find love, but there is so much in your past that you have yet to unpack and heal from. Releasing all of that past energy is the only way you can truly move forward with something new.