Jude Law Reveals His Raw Emotions About The Queen's Death

Since Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96 on September 8, celebrities have publicly paid tribute to Britain's longest-running reigning monarch. U.K. born and raised actors like Daniel Craig, Elizabeth Hurley, James Corden, and Victoria Beckham have expressed their sentiments on the queen's legacy in their home country. Joining that list of emotional commemorations is fellow British actor, Jude Law. While doing press at Disney's D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, Law spoke on the queen's impact not just on him, but British culture as a whole (via the Daily Mail).

"I can't say I was shocked, I was just more reflective, I suppose, of someone who one has grown up with and whose parents have grown up with," Law said. "She's a huge part of my country's sense of identity and so in a way now we're going to go through a process of mourning but also a process of rediscovery."

As far as his thoughts on newly-appointed King Charles III, Law had encouraging words for the queen's eldest son: "The future of the throne will be reinvented by the new sovereign. He'll make it his own."

In addition to Law, American actors like Amy Adams and Maya Rudolph expressed kind exchanges in regards to the queen's death. "I know that they're going through a transition of mourning so I just wish them the best," Adams said of the British people. Rudolph concurred, adding, "I love that country and I feel so honored to have lived in a time of an incredible monarch and I feel for the country of England."