Why Joe Biden Might Be Getting Special Treatment At The Queen's Funeral

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on September 19, 2022, will look like a who's who of world dignitaries. In addition to the leaders of British Commonwealth nations such as Canada and Australia, other notable mourners will include the presidents of France, Germany, and Italy, the monarchs of Spain, Monaco, Belgium, Sweden, and the Netherlands, and Emperor Naruhito of Japan (per People). As is proper, U.S. President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden will also be traveling to London to pay their respects to a monarch who was always a great friend to America. Jill Biden recently shared one of her fondest memories of Queen Elizabeth with NBC's "Today,"  recalling that the queen openly shared her thoughts about her beloved Prince Philip, who had died just a few months earlier.

With some 500 guests expected to witness the solemn ceremony at Westminster Abbey, the palace is busily finalizing the travel, lodging, and scheduling arrangements for the out-of-towners. The Washington Post reports that many of them will be taking special buses together to the funeral. However, President Biden may not be among them. Because his security is considered more at risk than, say, that of the king of Denmark, Biden may be allowed to travel in "The Beast," his personal armored limousine. Also expected to use their own vehicles are Naruhito, plus Israeli president Isaac Herzog. 

Biden is the only U.S. president confirmed to attend the funeral — which is bad news for Donald Trump.