11 Louis Vuitton Items That Are And Aren't Worth The Money

Trends within the fashion world come and go, but one monogrammed print has sustained every ebb and flow the vogueing world has endured — Louis Vuitton. The iconic LV embossed leather has stood the test of time, its instantly recognizable pattern reflecting wealth, status, and luxury. The man himself, Louis Vuitton, came to Paris at just 16 years old in 1837, finding work alongside Monsieur Maréchal. Identifying a need for client-made trunks and luggage — as traveling by horse and carriage was common in those days — Vuitton quickly garnered a reputation as a skilled craftsman. As his reputation and ingenuity grew — as he and his son, Georges, revolutionized the locking mechanism on trunks — Louis Vuitton as a brand skyrocketed. By 1914, the company had grown to 225 employees.


Today, Louis Vuitton is known for its timeless travel bags, iconic handbags, couture red carpet looks, and incredible ready-to-wear clothing. To own a Louis Vuitton item is to treat yourself to a product that is not only exceptionally made but rooted in a rich history that stemmed from a teenager's hard work to a global enterprise. With all that said, of course, items from Louis Vuitton will cost you a pretty penny, and some pieces are certainly worth the investment, while others fall a little flat. Here are the 11 Louis Vuitton items that are and aren't worth the money.

Worth it: This monogram coat is timeless

When shopping designer, you're likely going to be dropping thousands of dollars on a single item, so it's certainly worth doing your homework. If you're looking for a timeless piece that will always be in style, no matter what, you should turn your attention to the Louis Vuitton Monogram Masculine Coat. Yes! We're not starting with a handbag or a piece of luggage but rather a gorgeous trench coat that is tastefully strewn with the iconic LV monogram detailing. As noted on the Louis Vuitton website, the primary material of the trench coat is wool, with a trace amount of silk intertwined (giving a luxurious softness). As for the product details — well, they sound like poetry.


The Monogram Masculine Coat is a double-breasted design that flows into a straight fit, perfect for anyone looking for that sturdy, classic look. The coat features large gold buttons with "elegant detail" for that last little bit of Louis Vuitton perfection. And, as noted on the product's page, the coat should be masterfully taken care of and only brought to a specialized dry cleaner. Your eyeballs might pop out of your head cartoon-style when you learn that this coat is $6,400, but this is the kind of purchase that will truly last a lifetime. The last little detail that is bound to seal the deal? The coat is exclusively made in France, bringing that rich history straight to your closet.

Not worth it: Don't spend your rent money on a basic white shirt

Nothing says crisp and clean like a white T shirt, and we love a look centered around the staple wardrobe piece. However, when it comes to dropping money at Louis Vuitton, we suggest staying away from the Monogram Frill T-Shirt. This tee does come with an extra layer of detail with the frill at the cuffs, bringing playfulness to an otherwise standard garment, but the viscose and polyester shirt will set you back $1,660. We're not kidding — the designer, while iconic, is selling a tee that costs more than what most people pay in rent, and while the shirt is definitely cute, we can't justify spending that much money on a basic top.


To add a little insult to injury, there isn't really anything about this top that screams Louis Vuitton — the only monogramming you'll find on the shirt belongs to the flower tab. Otherwise, the only thing people will see is a cute white shirt you spent thousands of dollars on. Worth it? We don't think so. And if convenience is your thing when thinking about shirts you wear daily, this top from Louis Vuitton is dry clean only, adding yet another layer of irritation. So take it from us — save your money, purchase something else from Louis Vuitton, and buy a cutie frill shirt from Madewell that will set you back $40.

Worth it: The Alma bag is a tried and true LV staple

As we described earlier, Louis Vuitton, as a brand, has a rich history rooted in a shared love of all things handbags. So if you find yourself at a Louis Vuitton store — or browsing the website — and you want to buy a bag that is as deeply intertwined with the designer as the original trunks themselves, opt for the Alma Bag. The Alma first came on the scene in 1934 and sources design inspiration from the Art Deco style. With the iconic monogrammed leather, the gold padlock and keys, and the Louis Vuitton tag, the Alma is a perfect purchase if you want to reflect the very essence of the designer. It will set you back $1,760, but when considering Louis Vuitton products, this bag is a little bit on the more affordable end.


What you'll get from this purchase, too, is versatility. The bag comes with two handles at the top for a cute in-hand look, as well as a detachable strap.

Plus, with the purchase of the Alma bag, you'll be joining legions of celebrities who have been spotted rocking the handbag (via Purse Blog) throughout the decades. The likes of Paris Hilton, Blake Lively, Rihanna, and Jennifer Love Hewitt have all spotted with a variation of the Alma. So save your paychecks and get shopping because this bag is worth it.

Not worth it: A beach bag doesn't need to be anything fancy

Daydreaming about a vacation on the Italian coast happens more often than we care to admit, and yet thinking about the dreamy beaches of the Mediterranean sounds like just the escape we're after. If you're one of the lucky ones who does find themselves heading off on a beach vacation, you'll likely want to pack a beach bag to throw all your sand essentials into — think sunscreen, a cute mom visor, a book, and what's a beach day without some beverage to sip in the sun? If you're browsing Louis Vuitton while you're prepping for your getaway, the Saint Jacques bag might catch your eye — this "summery staple" is made of raffia and is perfect for "sunny days, on city streets, or by the sea." Sounds great, right? Wrong, when you realize that the bag comes with a $3,100 price tag.


We're all for investing in some timeless pieces that you can take great care of as you use them, but a beach bag or a city-hopping, throw-over-your-shoulder purse should ideally be one that you won't miss if it's snatched away. And at $3,100, this raffia bag is just too much to offer up, even if it has a large LV monogram on the front. We're more partial to the jute tote bag you can snag at Zara for $49.90, made of practically the same material and boasting a similar size.

Worth it: Travel in style with the keepall duffle

If you really want your dollar to stretch at Louis Vuitton — and want to bring some of the designer's rich history to your own closet — look no further than the Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulière 45 duffle. The travel companion — which is 17.7 x 10.6 x 7.9 inches — is a perfect partner for your jet-setting ways and will comfortably fit your laptop, travel soap bag, headphones, books, jacket, and whatever else you need handy on an airplane. The duffle is airplane cabin size to add even more qualifying factors to this product. It has a removable leather luggage tag (because you never know what will happen to your luggage, airports are lawless lands).


This duffle bag will set you back $2,440, so while it's certainly a fair amount of money to drop on a single item, you're getting a lot of capacity for your dollar. To add another layer of "Buy me!" to this Louis Vuitton product, the Keepall is "timeless," as its product page notes, and its use of the classic monogram leather is "as fresh today as [it] ever [has] been." So, while it might not be the trendiest bag or the wallet that everyone is talking about, this purchase from Louis Vuitton will serve you for years – and after all, isn't that what we're looking for when we're about to drop thousands of dollars on a single designer item?

Not worth it: Maintenance is key, so don't fall for this LV bag

One of the great aspects of buying a designer is that the item's quality is usually 20 out of 10. No one wants to drop thousands of dollars on a product that is going to fall apart or age poorly, and we're here to tell you that while Louis Vuitton is a designer that puts quality first, the Speedy Bandoulière 25 handbag in beige should go on your miss list.


The bag features a miniature monogram pattern that is very feminine and delicate. It features rolled-leather handles, the iconic padlock, and has an outside pocket on the front that is perfect for your keys and chapstick. But maintenance of any designer product is key, and as noted by CodoGirl, the beige leather is harder to maintain. The bag will also set you back $2,630.

If the beige leather is just speaking to you, though, there are some tips for maintaining the leather's quality. The material can be damaged by watermarks and stains, as well as by the oils present on your skin. You'll also want to be wary about using the bag when it's excessively sunny or when it's raining. If the bag gets dirty, use a baby wipe or a magic eraser and don't scrub — scrubbing the leather will take away layers of the material.


Worth it: Get multiple bags in one with the multi pochette bag

When shopping for any bag, versatility is key, as different scenarios call for different looks. During the day, you'll want a bag with enough room for your wallet, keys, mask, lipstick, blotting sheets, and whatever else you may need. At night, however, you'll want to decrease the amount of stuff on your person and stick to the essentials — credit card, ID, lipstick, pepper spray (don't go anywhere without it, friends). If you're set on buying a Louis Vuitton bag and looking for an item that will check off multiple boxes, opt for the Multi Pochette Accessoires – three bags in one. The bag is described as a "hybrid crossbody," which features "multiple pockets and compartments." It will set you back $2,570, but when you think about how much bag real estate you're getting, it's a little easier to justify.


Let's break it all down. First, you're getting the Pochette Accessoires, the main crossbody bag with the iconic Louis Vuitton khaki strap. Next, you're getting the Mini Pochette Accessoires, the main compartment's evening version. With a gorgeous gold chain, this mini is perfect for taking with you during the day and night. Lastly, the Round Coin Purse attaches to the khaki strap, rounding out the trio look that is as timeless as it is fashion-forward. Simply put, we love this bag, and if there is anything to drop your money on at Louis Vuitton, it's this.

Not worth it: You can get a cashmere sweater for way less

If there is one winter material that screams expensive, it's cashmere. In the form of a sweater, a scarf, mittens, you name it, cashmere is the peak of warm fabrics and is sought after every year. If you're in the market for a new cashmere sweater and don't mind dropping a pretty penny on it, the Open Sleeve Cashmere Pullover from Louis Vuitton might be the one. With subtle zippers on the inner arms and a cut-out detail at the neck that offers an up or down styling, the pullover sweater seems like a good purchase. 


To note, the sweater is only 73% cashmere, with a 26% cotton and 1% polyester blend. It's also $2,490. We'll be the first to admit that splurging on a gorgeous sweater for the cold winter months is irresistible, but dropping that kind of money on a white cashmere pullover with no Louis Vuitton markers (apart from the lining of the zippers) seems like a waste of money. It is even more eyebrow-raising when you remember that the sweater isn't even 100% cashmere, which — duh — is the whole reason to buy said sweater in the first place.

We recommend saving your money and instead turning your attention to the classic crewneck pullover — that's 100% cashmere — from Naked Cashmere. Not only is the garment made completely after the sought-after material, but it comes in at a much more reasonable $215.


Worth it: These ankle boots are a timeless statement

So you've got some money to splurge at Louis Vuitton, but the bags and wallets that the designer is known for aren't cutting it for you. And while the cashmere sweater might be soft to the touch, you know you won't get as much use out of it as you'd like. Might we suggest, then, that you turn to the shoes and look at the Star Trail ankle boot. This pair will set you back $1,660, but the iconic look and the monogram canvas will elevate any outfit and truly allow you to stand out (and above, since the heel is over 3 inches) from the crowd.


As noted by the shoe's product page, the Star Trail ankle boot is one of the most " instantly recognizable designs" Louis Vuitton offers. The monogram-printed canvas is intertwined with black leather trim and boasts an "army-inspired style" with the lace-up front and chunk sole. The 3-inch heel, then, is just icing on the top of the cake (shoe? Shoe cake?), and we can firmly say that you won't regret this purchase.

Making the shoe just that much more special, the Star Trail ankle boot is made in Italy, bringing a little bit of the romantic country to your closet.

Not worth it: Don't risk makeup and product spillage on a LV vanity bag

If you're anything like us, you like to travel in style. Why rush through the airport when you can get through security a couple of hours before your flight, grab a coffee, and find a seat in front of a gorgeous floor-to-ceiling window while watching the planes take off and land? Making any travel day much better is attractive luggage, and we get why the Nice Vanity bag from Louis Vuitton would catch your eye. From the monogrammed canvas material to the gold hardware to the double-zip openings and the mirror inside, it has everything a vanity bag needs. It'll also make you feel like Audrey Hepburn, walking around with the (removable) strap making everyone in the airport jealous as you do so.


And while this might sound like a list of reasons to buy the Nice Vanity bag, we'll tell you that you should skip it. While it does have some great features that make it a convincing tease, it costs $2,990. That's a lot of money, especially when you consider that you're going to be throwing in makeup and self-care products that have a distinct chance of exploding mid-flight. While the inside of the vanity bag is a washable canvas lining, you're better off getting a vanity bag from Target that you don't mind getting covered in a crushed makeup palette's debris rather than one that you spent nearly three grand on.

Worth it: Focus on function with a LV backpack

We love the idea of just chucking your stuff into a bag, grabbing it by the handle, and running out the door — but oh no! You lost your balance, dropped your purse, and all your stuff is on the floor; we're talking wallet, keys, cell phone, you name it. This has happened to all of us — probably more times than we care to admit — and yet it could've all been solved if we just had a backpack instead. The great thing about a backpack is the additional room and pockets and its ability to be zipped up. And while we have nothing against a good, old-fashioned JanSport, a bag you would've taken with you to middle school won't fly in the office.


If you've saved up some cash and want to splurge at Louis Vuitton, we suggest you consider the Palm Springs Mini backpack. As noted in its description, the pack works by "transforming a utilitarian staple into an on-point city bag." Perfect for your on-the-go needs and featuring a 6.7 x 8.7 x 3.9-inch size, this is the ideal companion for all your needs. The Palm Springs Mini backpack will set you back $2,440, but its foam backing, adjustable straps, and iconic monogram look will make the price tag well worth it.