The Timing Of Prince Harry's Birthday And The Queen's Funeral Has Twitter Sympathizing

Queen Elizabeth's funeral proceedings have been especially hard for Prince William and Prince Harry. It was 25 years ago that they participated in their own mother, Princess Diana's, funeral procession, and there are gut-wrenching similarities between the two events.


Elizabeth's funeral will take place in September at Westminster Abbey, just like Diana's did. The Prince of Wales and Duke of Sussex were told that their mother died while they were at Balmoral, and that was also where they both traveled to say goodbye to the queen, although Harry, unfortunately, arrived too late (via New York Post).

Harry is also under immense scrutiny as he and his wife, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, participate in royal funeral proceedings. Considering that Sept. 15 is his 38th birthday — which he won't be able to celebrate with his two children, who are home in California — and the queen's funeral is in three days, people are tweeting words of comfort for Harry.


One user commented, "He just walked behind his grandmother's coffin after having been forced as a child to walk behind his mother's. If the man wants to hold his wife's hand for comfort, a hate campaign shouldn't follow. Have some human decency."

One tweet summed it all up, "Wishing Prince Harry comfort & joy on his birthday today. He has proven his strength of character as a man, as a soldier, as a husband, as a father & as a positive change maker in the world. Keep doing what you're doing & never be bullied into silence."

Though Harry's birthday surely stirs up memories of losing his mother every year, this year is even more intense, and many are sending support to the Duke of Sussex as he navigates this tough time.