The Eyebrow-Raising Incident Involving The Queen That Grimes Was Interrogated Over

Grimes has a long-standing history with Queen Elizabeth II. The Canadian singer-songwriter and former partner to tech mogul Elon Musk was once accused of throwing a snowball at the queen's passing car. "Once the queen was gna [sic] drive past my high school on a snow day, and all day the teachers threatened us no snow balls," the "Genesis" singer wrote in a September 14 Twitter post. "And just as the procession was almost past a single snowball arced from the crowd & hit her car." Grimes remembered being "wrongfully accused" and spending "hours in interrogations." Despite her school's best efforts, the real thrower was never caught. Following her September 14 tweets, Grimes backed up the story with screen-shotted evidence, posting Queen Elizabeth II's 2002 Golden Jubilee tour schedule to Twitter. "Im [sic] not crazy!" the singer wrote.

Grimes, also known by her given name, Claire Boucher, is no stranger to controversy. She faced criticism after naming her son X Æ A-12, or, as she calls him, "X A.I. Archangel," according to a Vanity Fair profile. In late 2021, she and Musk welcomed their second child, Exa Dark Sideræl Musk, via surrogacy. Grimes' relationship with Elon Musk has been subject of much speculation over the years, with her confession about Musk's lifestyle still raising plenty of eyebrows. As the "Oblivion" singer told the Vanity Fair, "Infamy is kind of fun."