The Injury Queen Camilla Suffered Before The Queen's Death

If Queen Elizabeth hadn't died and taken over every square inch of the news cycle since September 8, 2022, we may have heard more about King Charles' wife having sustained a decently-severe injury.

But rightly so, the long-serving monarch's sad passing at the age of 96 is about all that anyone is talking about. Well, other than the possible reconciliation happening between the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex. Oh, and we are also laser-focused on every single facial expression Meghan Markle makes as she publicly mourns the death of the royal family's matriarch. But other than that, mourning the late Queen has absolutely dominated the news cycle.

As such, that the new queen consort Camilla injured herself has slipped under the radar. Consider that despite the pain she is reportedly enduring, the 75-year-old has kept up a full schedule of public appearances in the week-plus since the world lost a living icon.

She's done it all while dealing with a broken appendage, believe it or not.

Queen Camilla hasn't missed a beat

Upon the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Camilla officially became queen consort, and sat upon a throne next to her husband, King Charles III, for the first time (via People). Beyond that historic moment, the royal family's official Twitter account has shared updates on the couple's jam-packed schedule of events over the past week, including holding audiences with Defence Chiefs of Staff, visiting with mourners in Wales and attending a service of reflection in Ireland.

This is only a sampling of the heavy line up of public appearances and events the queen consort has maintained since King Charles ascended the throne. And yet, she is suffering from a broken toe, an injury she sustained just prior to the death of her mother-in-law.

According to a source who talked to The Telegraph, Camilla is actually in a decent amount of pain, but has been "getting on" as she grieves the Queen. Aside from the toe injury, according to Us Weekly, the queen consort told a mourner in Belfast that they are doing their best in the early days since the shocking news broke that the former monarch was gone.

In fact, it must have been quite challenging for the King and his wife to digest that the Queen's health had declined so rapidly, as they reportedly only found out about the dire state of her condition mere moments before the world did.

The queen consort is getting through her injury with humor

While we don't know exactly how the queen consort broke her toe, royal fans are busy praising her on Twitter for "putting her own pain aside" to accompany King Charles across Britain while he comforts the nation.

Indeed, Twitter is impressed by the new queen consort's sense of "duty" in the wake of the Queen's death. It's worth noting that Camilla has not been sporting a boot — instead, as one fan put it, the injured toe is "squashed into dress shoes with high heels."

Although the queen consort has been a picture of poise since stepping into her new role, with one fan enthusing about the injury, "she has been so graceful, agreed, you wouldn't even know," a video shows her slipping ever-so-slightly while walking in a church in Cardiff. But she seemingly laughed off the mini-fail, likely the result of the broken toe, and kept right on striding next to the King.

Truly, if Camilla is known for one thing, it is definitely her humor, having said previously, "If you can't laugh at yourself, you may as well give up" (via Daily Mail). And to celebrate her recent 75th birthday, the monarch's wife attended a luncheon thrown by The Oldie magazine.