Nations Across The Globe Are Honoring Queen Elizabeth In Unique And Moving Ways

It's clear that the United Kingdom is mourning the loss of their monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, after she died at the age of 96 on September 8. In fact, it's expected that London will see record-breaking numbers in the city's transportation system, as travelers embark on a historical period to honor the queen during her 12-day mourning period, with her funeral nearing on September 19. 

Throughout this month, fellow British celebrities like Jude Law, Daniel Craig, Victoria Beckham, and more paid tribute to Her Majesty, helping write the narrative of the great legacy she left on Brits and those around the world during her 70-year reign.

Because her time as the head of the British monarch was so impactful throughout so many decades, non-English people all over the world are celebrating the life of Queen Elizabeth in a myriad of ways that is propelling her legacy forward during this transitional time for the royal family.

From artistic endeavors to ceremonies, countries are remembering Queen Elizabeth II

While countries in the U.K. — like Scotland — paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II by holding a procession of her coffin, while packed crowds stood by to watch along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh (via The Washington Post), other European countries are taking suit.

For instance, Switzerland commemorated Queen Elizabeth II by having a light artist, Gerry Hofstetter, take visuals of the queen and using them to, literally, light up the sky with her memory (via Sky News). Furthermore, outside of Europe, countless continents and countries are continuing to pay homage to the late monarch.

In Australia, Time Out reported that the Sydney Opera House projected a photo of the queen on the historic landmark. Israel paid tribute by lighting up the British flag on Tel Aviv's City Hall the day of Her Majesty's death. CBS News reported that over in Mumbai, India, art students crafted illustrations of both the queen and King Charles III, leaving positive encouragement for the royal family as they mourn the loss of their matriarch.