The One Word Twitter Keeps Saying To Describe Meghan

It's not often that Meghan Markle goes anywhere or does anything that the world doesn't sit up and notice — okay, this never happens. So, it won't come as a surprise that when the Duchess of Sussex arrived for Queen Elizabeth's funeral today at Westminster Abbey, Twitter was quick to start commenting on her look.

It seems the duchess hit it out of the park with her choice of attire for the very sad occasion, judging from Twitter's overwhelming opinion. In fact, social media users had one word to describe both the royal's dress, cape and hat as well as how she presented herself for the televised state funeral, which was expected to draw a TV viewing audience of millions worldwide according to The Washington Post.

First, it's worth noting that a lot of words have been used lately in describing Meghan, including "diva," a label that Mariah Carey described the duchess with, leaving Meghan a bit flabbergasted.

But today, we're pretty sure the Duchess of Sussex would embrace how Twitter is characterizing her.

Meghan's posture is praised and her fashion hailed

"Perfect" was the one word that kept coming up again and again in Twitter comments about Meghan Markle on the day of the Queen's (seeming never-ending) funeral, with one person saying, "Meghan always stands out! Her posture is perfect." Another royal fan felt her attire was also "perfect."

Again and again the oftentimes-controversial royal was praised as "perfect" online. The flattery is probably a welcome break from the constant criticism the Duchess of Sussex has faced since launching her podcast, "Archetypes," and during her recent UK visit, which was extended by several days following the death of the royal family matriarch and long-serving monarch.

Meanwhile, some observers also thought that the Princess of Wales and Meghan looked alike today given their all-black funeral attire featuring hats that partially obscured their faces. Indeed, the comparisons between the two royals never cease, with fans often taking sides. Today, many felt that Meghan was the "it girl," even if the occasion was very sad in nature.

In fact, Twitter had much more to say about the Duchess of Sussex's look.

Meghan Markle is redeemed at the funeral

It seems that after months (okay years) of disapproval, all faith in Meghan Markle was restored upon seeing the duchess step out at the Queen's funeral. One fan noted about her appearance that Meghan is "a true classy, elegant, kind, intelligent beautiful woman."

Supporters went on to applaud the royal for her "class" and "dignity" during the difficult day, especially given that the Duchess of Sussex is likely going through a huge spectrum of emotions, from grief, to empathy for her husband Prince Harry to fear and anger for having to be back in the lion's den, so to speak.

Other fans encouraged the royal to "keep shining" no matter the obstacles while also noting that they can see why people "hate her" given how effortlessly she breezed into the funeral, with minimal makeup and jewelry, while "other royal women dripped in jewelry but still looking boring."

Meghan stood out among the royal women

Indeed, much was made of the Princess of Wales wearing a substantial pearl choker that once belonged to the Queen (via Cosmopolitan). Meanwhile, Meghan Markle paid homage to the long-serving monarch by accessorizing with a tiny pair of her earrings gifted to the duchess on their first outing together in 2018.

In addition to her outfit and poise being the subject of sheer admiration, the Duchess of Sussex was also celebrated online for her youthful appearance, even though as one Twitter user pointed out, she is the oldest royal in the fab four of the Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke of Sussex.

At the end of the day, we thought everyone exhibited grace and dignity at the funeral, but let Meghan have her moment in the sun. Sadly, the world may be back to throwing punches her way before too much time has passed.