King Charles Wasn't Allowed To Join The Royals In One Part Of The Queen's Funeral

The royal family gathered together to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II during her public funeral on September 19, with her nearest and dearest (including her young great-granddaughter, Princess Charlotte, who paid a special understated tribute) attending a touching ceremony at Westminster Abbey as her body was taken around London as the public paid tribute to the late monarch. Of course, the queen's son and the new head of the monarchy, King Charles II, was there, but there was one aspect of the event he was prevented from taking part in.

During the ceremony, those who attended performed a rendition of "God Save the King," formerly known as "God Save the Queen" — but King Charles was not allowed to sing. Per People, it's customary for the monarch not to sing along, as the United Kingdom's national anthem is traditionally seen as being sung to them. During her reign, the queen did not sing the song.

But even though King Charles didn't join in, that didn't mean he didn't feel the emotion. Many of those watching the funeral, which was broadcast live across the world, noticed that he appeared to have tears in his eyes as the church filled with song. One person tweeted of the highly emotional moment, "A song [whose] history dates back 277 years being sung at the funeral of the longest reigning British monarch. A truly majestic and grand rendition bringing King Charles III to tears."