Prince George Was Comforted During The Queen's Funeral By An Unexpected Royal

Upon the death of Queen Elizabeth II Prince George, the first-born son of the Prince and Princess of Wales, gained an important new title: second in line to the throne. At only nine years old, this may seem like a lot to put on the young boy's shoulders, especially in the wake of the death of his great-grandmother. Still, Prince George of Wales has been seen looking beyond his years, marching behind the queen's coffin with his sister, seven-year-old Charlotte (via The Guardian).

The presence of the children was a topic of debate among the royal family. While Prince George's father, William, Prince of Wales told the public that he hoped to keep things normal for his children, a late decision was made to have the future heir be part of the core royal party. According to The Guardian, senior palace advisers encouraged Prince William to have his son be present at the funeral to remind the public of the line of succession. But at such a young age, it makes sense that the young prince would need some comfort during the funeral proceedings. And while Prince George stood with his parents during the funeral service, it was actually his great aunt, Sophie Wessex who provided comfort to him. According to Hello!, you can see in photos as Wessex lovingly puts her arm around Prince George. Wessex attended the funeral service as a main member of the royal family.