These Royal Family Approved Nicknames For Kate And Her Parents Are Beyond Rude

Judging from the state of the royal family now, it seems Kate Middleton is as "in" there as possible. She just scored the title of Princess of Wales, a designation long held by the beloved Princess Diana — although, the media is admittedly struggling a bit to keep up with all of Kate's new titles.

Meanwhile, Kate also sat front and center at the Queen's recent funeral, where she displayed some pretty impressive parenting, according to an expert. She'll be the future queen consort of England, for heaven's sake. And yet, apparently there was a time when the princess received her own fair share of hazing upon first coming into the royal fold.

The account that Kate was not always such an esteemed member of the royal family comes from an insider who is a cousin of King Charles III. Christina Oxenberg spoke out about this now-imaginable period while also criticizing the royals for their current treatment of relative-newbie Meghan Markle (via Page Six).

Oxenberg said that when Prince William first dated his now-wife, a nickname coined by the press was one that the one-day heir to the throne's family found quite entertaining.

Meghan Markle has said treatment of her is quite different from Kate

Kate Middleton is the epitome of style, grace and poise by the standards of most, including the press, that fawns over her, while also often trashing the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan Markle has alleged that the treatment she gets is the result of racism, noting that once upon a time, when the media covered her sister-in-law in an unflattering way, it was simply rude (via Glamour).

Perhaps royal fans will remember years ago as the now-Princess of Wales was allegedly pressuring William to get married. Then, the press hailed the Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall as "Waity Katie." But that's not the only unflattering nickname that was once synonymous with the mom of three.

"Kate Middle Class" was also a popular way to refer to her, and Christina Oxenberg claims of how the royal family viewed the nickname, "They thought it was all very funny — Kate Middle Class" (via Page Six).

Adding they "meant no disrespect," the royal cousin went on to share a likewise unflattering nickname that a very senior royal reportedly gave to Kate's parents.

Carole and Michael Middleton were a joke to queen consort Camilla

Carole and Michael Middleton are self-made millionaires worth somewhere around $67 million, which is more money than most people will ever see (via Town & Country). But apparently when you are part of the royal family, this is chump change, because back when the now-Prince of Wales was dating Kate Middleton, a.k.a. "Kate Middle Class," queen consort Camilla had a fairly rude nickname for her parents.

Reportedly, the former mistress of the King called the family "Meet the Fockers" (via Express). This would have been sometime before William and Kate's 2011 wedding, but after King Charles said "I do" to Camilla in 2005.

Of course, the queen consort is known for her sense of humor, and it must be said that by most accounts, Kate and Camilla now enjoy a very close relationship. 

Camilla and Kate have both come a very long way

Although queen consort Camilla may have once made fun of Kate Middleton's parents, a lot has changed since the younger royal officially joined the family. The two women are reportedly quite close (via Daily Mail). Most recently, the princess photographed the King's wife for a magazine cover to honor her 75th birthday, at Camilla's request. And with the passing of the Queen, and Meghan Markle now residing across the pond, could it be that the two women will grow even closer (via Page Six)?

Ultimately, we have to imagine that Camilla's nickname for the Princess of Wales' family was all in good fun. Besides, if anyone understands being roasted in the public sphere, it's the now-queen consort, who was one branded "the most hated woman in Britain."  

Perhaps what the two most senior women in the royal family can bond over in the coming years is how far they have both come, from "Kate Middle Class" and being despised, respectively, to leading "The Firm" into its next chapter following the end of the 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth.