Queen Elizabeth May Have Died With One Regret Hanging Over Her Head

Although Queen Elizabeth's funeral may have stretched on a bit too long for Twitter, most of the 11.4 million people who tuned in to watch the final tribute to the long-reigning monarch would likely agree she had a lovely sendoff (via TMZ). Meanwhile, although scandals plagued the monarchy over the 70-plus years that the Queen sat on the throne, by many accounts, she was a very highly-regarded figure, who lived a life of honor.

While we'd love to think that the Queen died having no regrets, this may not be the case. Sadly, according to reports, the sovereign passed away without realizing a goal she'd long held that revolved around her family.

If you guessed that the monarch had hoped that Prince Harry might come back around and patch things up with his brother and father, you'd be right. Remember, HRH and the Duke of Sussex had a very close bond, with royal historian Robert Hardman telling People following her funeral, she "adored Harry right to the end, and Harry adored her."

Queen Elizabeth's wish seems far from coming true

Beyond confirming that the Queen and Prince Harry had a strong relationship despite the duke having stepped away from his royal duties, Robert Hardman also talked to People about how the monarch had hoped her grandson and the rest of the royals would eventually work out their differences.

"I think she was one of the conduits between Windsor and California, and it would have been one of her dearest wishes that [the family] patch things up," the royal historian said.

Sadly, it seems by most accounts the tension between the Duke of Sussex and the Prince of Wales is at an all-time high, with William waiting to see what his little brother reveals in his forthcoming memoir and given the future king's lingering hurt feelings over losing his closest confidante.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton also allegedly have an icier relationship than ever, with sources claiming that the Princess of Wales didn't say a single word to her sister-in-law during the entire time she was in the United Kingdom.