How The September 25 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Taurus

When it comes to lunation, people have a tendency of romanticizing and prioritizing full moons. Understandable, it's huge and majestic to look at as it lights up the night sky. However, the slightly less visibly magical new moon has its very own type of magic. New moons are an exciting opportunity for new beginnings, and to do some much-needed self-reflection, per Mind Body Green. Harnessing a new moon's energy has so much more to offer, especially in the case of manifesting. With the first day of fall officially here, this new season opens with the September 25 new moon in Libra

This new moon comes at a pretty rocky time. While everyone is still reeling from hurricane Mercury in retrograde, another intense event could seem overwhelming. Don't worry, this new moon is actually perfectly timed to help you take a step back, relax, and really think about your feelings rather than just getting bombarded with them à la Mercury. Of course, to truly understand what this new moon means for you, you'll have to consider how it directly impacts your zodiac sign.

Some you time can be productive

Taurus (April 19 to May 20) pride themselves on being all or nothing. Balance isn't on the table, but on this new moon, it's time to put it there, per Co-Star. This new moon in Libra lands in your sixth house of work and routines, and that means it's the perfect opportunity to find a balance there, per Elite Daily. You have a tendency to overwork yourself, so use this new moon to give yourself some much-needed rest and rejuvenation. It's hard for you, but you need to take a step back and figure out a better work-life balance that allows you to find peace and avoid getting overworked. You give your all, it's one of your more admirable qualities, but on this new moon give your all to yourself.

Well + Good suggests that you carve out some time under this new moon for self-care. Life feels pretty busy for you right now and it's likely to get even busier as the year comes to a close, so taking a breath is just what you need right now before you get into the thick of it. Take breaks, clear your mind, and prepare yourself to dive into things with clarity to allow you really go full force when the time comes without the weight of exhaustion holding you back. Play the long game, Taurus.

Balance breeds a clearer mind

It's not just all about self-care for you this new moon, Taurus, there's some self-work to be done too. Since the new moon lands in your sixth house of routine, taking a breath for a moment is important, but figuring out how to continue to take breaks when needed is just as important. Crack the seemingly impossible code on making time for fun. Bustle suggests you use this new moon to prioritize what you need instead of just what you need to do to get where you're trying to go. You want to do your best, but you can only do that when you are your best.

Balance isn't something that comes naturally to you, so you have to work hard on not working hard at all hours of the day. Make time for fun and time for pursuits that don't serve your end goal but serve your inner child. Being intentional about your time is imperative this new moon, per Woman & Home. This could mean anything from making that nail appointment you've been putting off to tapping into your inner homebody and kicking back to marathon-watch your favorite show every now and then. Finding the space every day for a bit of fun is the best way to balance out all of that hard work you love so much.