Kate Honors Diana During First Visit To Wales Since Taking Over Her Mother-In-Law's Title

Kate Middleton and Princess Diana have a lot in common. Not only have two of the most important people in Prince William's life held the same title, the Princess of Wales, but they also seem to share a flair for fashion. Once upon a time, tabloid stories centered around every outfit Diana wore, from her famous "revenge dress" to that aqua-blue bathing suit. Nowadays, we obsess over Kate's best fashion moments, down to her shoes.

Oftentimes, the new Princess of Wales, who received her new styling after the Queen tragically passed away earlier this month, will pay homage to her late mother-in-law via her clothing choices. A memorable example includes her devotion to polka dots this summer, much like the former Princess of Wales displayed.

Now, as Kate steps into her new role, she and the Prince of Wales are visiting the nation for the first time since the Queen's death. And a look back at what Diana once wore to Wales will have you seeing double.

Kate's red coat signified multiple meanings

According to Page Six, Kate Middleton's decision to wear a bright red coat honored not only Wales but her late mother-in-law. Kate's pricey pick, in Welsh red, is known as the "Spencer" coat, by designer L.K. Bennett. The Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall has shown her preference for this brand previously, incidentally (via Woman & Home).

On this particular visit, with the future king of England by her side, Kate paired the red outerwear with an all-black ensemble of pants and a sweater, with matching pumps. Forty years ago, another Princess of Wales traveled to the country, and also donned a red coat — that time, Diana's red jacket and black skirt was designed by Donald Campbell (via WMD). The 1980s style icon accessorized her look with a red hat by John Boy.

Meanwhile, although Kate's fashion homage was admired by many, at least one person found the choice inappropriate, noting on Twitter that wearing red so soon after a mourning period was ill-advised.