How The October 9 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Pisces

For all zodiac signs, the lunar cycle can have a wide range of effects. Your personal life, health, and even career can be affected by the moon's cycles. On October 9, just in time for the beginning of the fall season, there will be a full moon in Aries (per Cafe Astrology). According to the outlet, the full moon being in Aries during the Libra season represents a contrasting relationship — between the "self" and the "other". While fiery Aries is outspoken and assertive, Libras focus on relationships and, of course, keeping the peace. This full moon, also known as the "hunter's moon" or "blood moon" (via PopSugar), urges us to put our own needs and the requirements of our connections with others in balance (per Cafe Astrology). Very Libra vibes.

If you're a Pisces, you're probably enjoying the flowy energy of air sign Libra during this time, as your water element brings a balance of heart-centered feelings to the air sign's focus on the mind, according to LiveAbout. This full moon in Aries, especially, brings the heat to the Pisces' otherwise chill essence. 

The fire energy will bring up something unexpected

As a quintessential fire sign, most Aries are characterized by their bold, brash, and — at times — impulsive nature (per Allure). With their confidence and lack of inhibitions, the rams usually know exactly what they want, and pursue it head-on, according to the outlet. This full moon in Aries may inspire that same energy in softer Pisceans. While very in-tune with their emotions, wants, and needs, the loving and tender fish (via Cosmopolitan) often neglect their own desires in favor of making others happy. This Aries full moon, however, will encourage the sign to focus on just that: their own desires, per Woman & Home.

If you're a Pisces, take the time during this October 9 full moon to reflect on what you really want, rather than what you think you should want — or what other people might want. Per Woman & Home, the full moon falls in your second house, which is all about possessions, so if you've been wanting to treat yourself to those new shoes or even just a nice meal, now is your time to go for it. Take advantage of the fire energy to pursue what makes you truly feel alive.

Relationships are at the forefront, but in a unique way

Like Woman & Home reports, the October 9 full moon in Aries presents a great opportunity for cool, calm, and collected water sign Pisces to turn up the heat a little. By pursuing their innermost desires, the fish can strengthen their sense of self — and fill up their metaphorical "cup" before filling that of others. This is a great way to find balance and harmony in their relationships, which are the three core focuses of the Libra zodiac sign and Libra season for Pisces as a whole.

According to PopSugar, this "blood moon" will also be closely aligned with Venus. Combined with Libra season's cozy energy surrounding partnership and relationships in general, the outlet affirms that all signs will be feeling the urge to restore balance in their relationships, especially when it comes to serving their own needs as well as the needs coming from their other connections. Bustle also shares that the Aries full moon is a time with major potential for healing and "a great time to release any unwanted baggage," so if you're a Pisces, let this time soothe your watery soul and strengthen you for the spiritual journey ahead.