How The Royal Family Is Crushing Prince Andrew's Dreams

Prince Andrew's scandal is about to take over headlines yet again, as a new documentary dropped on October 5. The Peacock documentary "Prince Andrew: Banished," will likely bring more shame to the royal family. According to Variety, the film spills more details about Andrew, the Duke of York, and his friend Jeffrey Epstein. The scoop on the documentary has been brought to light as a former royal officer lifts the lid on Andrew's behavior.

Royal protection officer Paul Page weighed in about "Randy Andy's" behavior on "Prince Andrew: Banished." Page revealed in the documentary (via Page Six), "We used to have a joke that he should have a revolving door in his bedroom." Page worked for the royal family from 1998 until 2004 and explained, "The amount of women going in and out of there, it was just literally every other day someone would be coming in to see him . . . a different one every time."

Page said the queen's second son wasn't nice to the royal protection officers. The ex-protection officer explained an incident when the Duke of York asked to speak to a team member after they wouldn't let Andy's girl into the palace. Page said (per Page Six), "One of my colleagues took the phone. He shouted at the top of his voice, 'You listen to me, you fat, lardy-a** c***. If you don't let my guest in, I'm going to come down there.'" Prince Charming, he's not. 

Meanwhile, the royal family is crushing Andrew's dreams.

Documentary 'Prince Andrew: Banished' example of why Randy Andy must go

Peacock's documentary "Prince Andrew: Banished" is another example of why the prince must leave the royal family. The Guardian nicknamed the prince "Randy Andy" and he's a walking scandal that will never stop embarrassing the Firm. There are too many stories of Andrew's awful behavior, and he will not change at 62. Yahoo News! royal editor Omid Scobie reported that Andrew had dreams of a comeback. Palace insiders told Scobie the Duke of York thought he could perform charity work and continue "rehabilitating his image. Not as the Duke of York, but simply as a man who wanted to do good." But sources told Scobie that King Charles III would "never" let his brother return to his former role as a working member of the royal family.

Even before Andrew got involved with Jeffrey Epstein, his conduct was shameful. Scobie previewed "Prince Andrew: Banished" and described an interview he'd seen before. Scobie wrote, "A masseuse who claims Andrew greeted her with the line, 'Hey, nice a**. Do you take it up the a**?' is as stomach-churning today as it was the first time around." Ew. 

While "The Crown" claimed Andrew was Queen Elizabeth II's favorite child, the Duke of York's mummy can no longer save him from himself.