Meghan Markle And Prince Harry's Archewell Foundation Has An Impressive New Project

After stepping down from their royal duties in 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, launched their nonprofit organization, Archewell. According to the Archewell website, the foundation's "core purpose is to uplift and unite communities — local and global, online and offline — one act of compassion at a time. We believe that compassion is the defining cultural force of the 21st century."

The couple initially delayed the foundation's official start in order to focus their efforts on the Black Lives Matter movement and the COVID-19 pandemic, per the Daily Mail – but that doesn't mean they ignored Archewell. In November 2021, the foundation announced its goal of becoming net zero by 2030. Additionally, Meghan celebrated her 40th birthday by launching the 40x40 initiative, which was created to help women get back into the workforce after losing jobs during the pandemic. With that in mind, Meghan asked 40 athletes, actors, and activists to pledge 40 minutes of mentorship. 

Some of Archewell's other partnerships and projects include the Aspen Institute, which focuses on the sources and causes of the information crisis; Center for Humane Technology, an organization aiming to reimagining our digital infrastructure; Global Citizen, which works to equitably distribute COVID-19 vaccines around the world; and World Central Kitchen, where Archewell provided the funding to build four community relief centers in regions impacted by hunger.

Now Harry and Meghan have made an exciting announcement about Archewell's next big project.

Harry and Meghan will donate $1 million to help women in need

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are pledging to donate $1 million to American women in need through their Archewell Foundation. The royals are partnering with The VING Project to hand out grants of $1,000, with the project inspired by Meghan's podcast, per the Daily Mail

"Two things that bring me great joy are supporting women, and the spirit of giving," Meghan explained. "With the return of 'Archetypes,' Archewell Foundation and VING have come together to create the perfect combination of these loves. By donating $1 million in grants to women in need, our hope is not only to provide support where it may be felt deepest, but also to empower young adults to embrace the gift of giving at an early age."

This is the first big announcement the couple has made since the death of Queen Elizabeth II. They are still waiting to hear if their children will receive prince and princess titles from King Charles III, who is taking his sweet time with the decision. Speaking on True Royalty TV's "Royal Beat" podcast, Katie Nicholl explained, "They remain 'Miss' and 'Master' currently [on the royal website]. And I'm told that that is a very clear signal from the king. He's willing to give those titles, but it comes with a caveat, and that caveat is trust. They have to know that they can trust the family."