How The Young And The Restless Star Joshua Morrow Keeps Love Scenes From Becoming Awkward

In the soap world, being a hearthrob is a full time job. "The Young and the Restless" star Joshua Morrow has been half of the most interesting pairings on the soap, and still manages to bring something fresh to each relationship every single time. In real life, Morrow is happily married to his wife of 21 years, Tobe Keeney. 

Morrow's onscreen persona hasn't had the same luck. Nick Newman's relationship history on "Y&R" is convoluted. While he has met a few partners at the end of the aisle, there is one woman he struggled to get over. Nick and Sharon Collins' (Sharon Case) love story is filled with equal parts happiness and passion, betrayal and grief. In the years they were together, they became a fan-favorite super couple because of how uncharacteristically solid they were (for a soap). However, losing their daughter Cassie was too much for them to bear, and changed their relationship forever, per Soaps in Depth. Since then, Nick has found love many times, including with Phyllis Summers (Michelle Strafford), but nothing has stuck, reported.

In playing a character with such a detailed relationship timeline, Morrow is no stranger to love scenes. 

Joshua Morrow revealed his approach to love scenes

Joshua Morrow told told Soap Opera Digest that he makes it a point to place his female costar's comfort above everything else. "I do everything I can to keep things light," Morrow explained. "I'm joking around constantly teasing, so everyone can be as comfortable as possible."

With Nick and Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) testing the waters of their budding relationship, Morrow and Hope's own love scenes have been heating up the screens, per Daytime Confidential. "Courtney is an absolute pro," he added on. "She's very comfortable with her body and she jumped right in when Nick and Sally had sex for the first time." 

He also praised Hope's overall confidence and readiness to go with the flow without sacrificing her own boundaries and comfort levels. "I have so much respect for her and I like what she's brought to our show. I really love working with her," he added.