A Look At Nick Newman's Relationship History On The Young And The Restless

For fans of "The Young and the Restless'" Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), you know there is no other woman for him than Sharon Collins (Sharon Case), the mother of three of his children and the woman he married straight out of high school in the 1990s, stayed married to for more than a decade, and has tried to marry again several times since.


At the time of writing, Sharon is married to Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso), and although their marriage is dull, it seems to be working, at least for now. As for Nick, he is newly single once again and hanging around Sharon as much as he can, confiding all of his secrets and deep thoughts in his ex-wife. That doesn't mean Nick hasn't had other relationships through the years in between his stints with Sharon, though. Between other wives, fiancés, and even one-night stands, it's easy to say that Newman is a man who likes women.

Nick Newman loves Sharon Collins

When a young adult Nick Newman was first introduced to "The Young and the Restless," he had just returned from a European boarding school when he started dating Amy Wilson (Julianne Morris), but when she introduced him to her best friend, Sharon Collins, all bets were off. Sharon was dating Matt Clark (Eddie Cibrian) at the time, but only had eyes for Nick. After a series of trials and tribulations, Sharon and Nick got married, and he accepted the fact that she had given up a baby at age 16 before she moved to Genoa City (via Soap Opera Network). After Sharon prematurely gave birth to their son, Noah, they thought the baby would die, so Sharon's former BFF, Grace Turner (Jennifer Gareis), tracked down Sharon's child, a little girl named Cassie (Camryn Grimes), who was living with her adopted grandmother at the time.


Sharon and Nick settled into married life, raising Cassie and Noah together after they became her legal parents. Although Nick had an affair with Grace at one time, he and Sharon reunited and stayed married until tragedy struck. A teenage Cassie was killed in a car accident when she drove without a license with a drunk friend, Daniel Romalotti (Michael Graziadie). The grief over losing their daughter soon tore Sharon and Nick apart.

Nick falls for Phyllis Summers, and others

Poor Nick Newman could not emotionally recover from Cassie's death and ended up having an affair with Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford), Daniel's mother. Phyllis found herself pregnant, but there was a question as to whether Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) or Nick was the father. A paternity test couldn't even clear up the question, but Nick claimed baby Summer as his own anyway. Sharon divorced Nick, and he married Phyllis (via Soaps in Depth). Still, he couldn't stay away from Sharon and the pair ended up in bed together. Sharon got pregnant and gave birth to another daughter, who they named Faith, but the pair still couldn't get it together. Nick ended in brief flings with Phyllis' sister, Avery Clark (Jessica Collins), as well as Diane Jenkins (Maura West), but Sharon was always on his mind.


So, Sharon and Nick tried again and nearly remarried until he learned that, while she was off her bi-polar meds, Sharon faked a paternity test to make it look as if Jack had fathered Summer. In the end, it turned out Summer was always Nick's.

Nick meets and marries Sage Warner

Nick Newman was a single man in 2015, and that just wouldn't do, so he met a woman named Sage Warner (Kelly Sullivan). When she, like his previous partners, found herself pregnant, Nick married her but had no idea the baby really belonged to Adam Newman (then played by Justin Hartley), his half-brother (via Soaps in Depth). Sadly, the baby was born premature, but the couple was told he died when a naughty nurse from Nick's past gave the baby to Sharon while she was in a mental institution and told her she had given birth to him. Sharon was so drugged up at the time, she believed it and proceeded to raise the baby with her new husband, Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton). However, Sage learned the truth just in time to die in a car accident outside Sharon's house.


Nick was single again and, eventually, Sharon gave him the baby he believed was his. He then changed his name from Sully to Christian. Nick was also single again, so he had to find a new woman somewhere and did.

Nick falls for his brother's wife

When Adam Newman was presumed dead in a cabin explosion, Nick Newman grew close to his wife, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan), and they eventually moved in together. Nick even asked Chelsea to marry him because Nick likes being married, but Chelsea was a con artist and was scamming Nick. When she skipped town, Nick turned to Sharon for friendship, and the two fell in love again (via Soaps in Depth). By this time, Sharon was no longer with Dylan.


Sharon was excited to become Mrs. Nick Newman again after all these years and even made it down the aisle. However, when she got there, she told Nick that she knew he had a one-night stand with Phyllis and left him at the altar. Nick did his best to convince Sharon it was only one time, but she had had it with him and his cheating ways and showed him the door. So, Nick was single again, so we know what that means.

Nick reunites with Phyllis and Chelsea

With Sharon having dumped him once again and Phyllis single since Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) dumped her when he learned of the one-night stand with Nick, it was time for a "Phick" redux (via Soaps in Depth). Yes, Phyllis moved into Nick's new house where he was a single dad raising Christian. They had a lot of sex and played a lot of video games, and their now-adult daughter, Summer, was horrified by all of it.


But alas, things didn't work out, and when Chelsea showed back up in town, Nick and Chelsea became an item again until it turned out that Adam (now played by Mark Grossman) was alive. So, Nick went back to Phyllis, where they proceeded to have a lot of sex again and play even more videos. By the end of 2021, they both realized relationships are based on more than just the fun times in life, and broke things off. That's where Nick's relationship saga leaves us today. Nick is single. Still, Nick doesn't like to be single. Sharon is not single, but she can't help looking at Nick every chance she gets. And so, the story continues in true soap opera form.