The Crucial Role Prince William Will Play In King Charles' Coronation

The death of Queen Elizabeth II led to the ascension of her oldest son, King Charles III. As a result, Charles' son, Prince William, Prince of Wales, is now next in line to the British throne, per Royal U.K. According to sources, the changes have made father and son closer than ever. "Talking about the future of the country and their future roles has strengthened their bond," a source told People

Even before the queen's passing, Charles and William were working together to carve out the future of the monarchy, which will reportedly include a "slimmed down monarchy." The two royals will also lean on one another as they embark on their new roles. "[Charles] will ensure that his son is up to speed the ins and outs of the royal family on a deeper level and William will help Charles come up with new, fresh ideas about modernizing the monarchy," an insider told US Weekly.

So it's not surprising that William is set to play an important role in King Charles' coronation, which is scheduled for May 6, 2023. During the ceremony, the prince will reportedly pay allegiance to his father, per the Daily Mail. Charles was only 4 years old when his mother was crowned, while Elizabeth was 11 when her father became king, so this will be the first time an heir participates in the coronation since 1911. 

In addition to participating in the ceremony, William is reportedly taking an active role in planning the coronation.

Prince William is joining the committee for King Charles' coronation

William, Prince of Wales, will be taking an active role in the planning of King Charles III's coronation. Sources told The Telegraph that William will be joining the coronation committee to make sure that the event doesn't include any "archaic, feudal or imperial" elements.

In addition, William's two older children, Prince George of Wales and Princess Charlotte of Wales, are expected to be in attendance. Writing in Vanity Fair, royal author Katie Nicholl said, "The ceremony will likely highlight the line of succession, with William, [Catherine Middleton, Princess of Wales], and their children featured more prominently than other members of the family."

While the Wales family will be front and center at Charles' coronation, it remains to be seen if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, will be there. Sources have explained that there is a reason the king might not allow Harry and Meghan at the coronation, with the monarch reportedly waiting to see what is revealed in his younger son's memoir before extending an invite.

"There is no doubt that Charles would like Harry and Meghan to be at his coronation," royal author Katie Nicholl told the Daily Beast. "But he does expect respect in return, and a problem is going to arise if, between now and then, Harry repays him by attacking him, Camilla or the institution. He is not going to put up with inaccurate and unfair attacks."