The Title Of The Spanish Version Of Prince Harry's Book Is Even More Biting Than The Original

The new year offers a lot to look forward to, but for many, the most exciting part of 2023 is bound to be the release of Prince Harry's new book. Published by Penguin Random House, the book is a memoir that promises to finally give the public an inside look at his personal story and journey, starting with his feelings after his mother tragically died, per AP News.

The book vows to reveal his honest thoughts, something the prince himself promised readers back when the book was first revealed in 2021, per BBC. And while this is exciting, many wondered exactly how much the prince would disclose. Now that the title has been announced, royal fans are even more eager. Titled "Spare," the book is said to "[take] readers immediately back to one of the most searing images of the twentieth century: two young boys, two princes, walking behind their mother's coffin as the world watched in sorrow and horror." According to the BBC, this title is likely a nod to the phrase "an heir and a spare" referring to the idea that the second child is not quite as important as the first child in a monarchy. But even more scathing than the "Spare" is the title of the Spanish version of the book.

The Spanish version of Prince Harry's memoir sends chills down our spines

If you gasped when you heard the title of Prince Harry's book, you aren't alone. According to the Mirror, people were shocked when the title "Spare" was revealed and fans didn't hesitate to run to Twitter to share their thoughts. One user wrote "The power of Prince Harry calling his memoir 'Spare' is just iconic," with another saying "Prince Harry calling his memoir 'SPARE' is a gorgeous shot, 10/10, no notes, will absolutely be buying."

But if you thought the UK title was iconic, the version of the book that will be released in Spain is even more biting. The title is "Spare: En La Sombra" which means "Spare: In The Shadows," according to the Mirror. This new title gives us even more insight into what the book will be about, and has us believing that Prince Harry is not about to hold anything back. The book will officially be released on January 10 and will be available in 16 different languages.