If You're Obsessed With All Things Beauty, You Should Move To One Of These US Cities

Beauty is only skin deep, but in today's world, some people are bigger believers in "look good, feel good," and there is some truth to both. While some people enjoy rewarding themselves with beauty treatments, others feel societal pressure to look a certain way. Irrespective of your beauty mantra in life, it's undeniable that the beauty business is booming with various products and treatments available.

In Northwestern University professor Renee Engeln's book "Beauty Sick: How the Cultural Obsession With Appearance Hurts Girls and Women," she wrote how women and girls who spend more time on social media are more likely to want plastic surgery, and 70% of the college-aged women feel others would treat them better if they were considered more conventionally beautiful (via Pacific Standard).

On the other spectrum of things, getting beauty treatments to take care of yourself can be good for you. According to Kentucky Counseling Center, going to the spa or getting your hair done helps boost your self-esteem. There's, however, a thin line between self-care and obsession.

If you enjoy beauty treatments that help you care for yourself and feel better about who you are without going overboard — there's nothing wrong with treating yourself. StyleSeat analyzed Google business listings in the fifty largest US cities to determine the most beauty-obsessed cities based on the number of beauty-related businesses and the consumer ratings of the businesses.

And, if you're interested in all things beauty — here are the top three cities you should move to.

3. Austin, Texas

According to StyleSeat's analysis, Austin, Texas, stands at number three based on the number of beauty businesses per resident that also has high ratings. The list was made based on the number of beauty businesses per 100k residents and the average ratings, and Austin makes it to the top three, scoring 34.40 out of 45.

Have you ever gotten a manicure, and everything feels better in the world, and you feel more adult? Well, that's because there are more benefits to getting your nails done at home or the nail salon than just having perfectly painted nails. Motivational speaker Gabby Bernstein told Cosmopolitan, "Our self-care routines help keep us in the present." We're all busy, trying to multitask and take care of so many things at once that sometimes it's essential to stop, pause and take time out for yourself. Getting a manicure does just that because it's a small way of taking care of yourself.

Austin's beauty-related businesses have an average score of 4.59 for beauty (skin, makeup, and nails), 4.53 for hair, and 4.74 for spas. Austin is number one regarding just beauty as they scored the highest score of 13.22 out of 15 among all the cities, but their slightly lower ratings under hair and spa put them at a pretty good third spot (via StyleSeat).

2. Salt Lake City, Utah

If you're a fan of "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" and wonder why they look so amazing all the time, it might have the do with the quality of their beauty-related businesses. Salt Lake City takes the silver medal on the list with the second-highest ratings at an average of 4.53 for beauty businesses, 4.56 for hair businesses, and 4.69 for spa businesses, per StyleSeat.

According to the list that takes beauty treatments (including makeup, nails, tanning, skincare clinic, and teeth-whitening), hair salons and services, and spas (including massage parlors, medical spas, and laser hair removal treatments) into account, Salt Lake City comes second regarding beauty treatments, sixth for hair, and third for spas. There's so much more to Salt Lake City than just skiing. 

Who doesn't love a relaxing massage? If you're feeling sore, stressed, or just want a little pampering, getting a massage is an instant way to feel better. Getting a massage can also make you happier because it lowers cortisol (stress hormone) and increases serotonin and dopamine (happy hormones), per Cosmopolitan. Therefore, if you aren't feeling awesome and wondering what to do — book yourself a massage.

Salt Lake City scores an impressive 35.08 out of a maximum score of 45, considering the number of all beauty businesses per 100k residents and the average ratings (via StyleSeat).

1. Portland, Oregon

It might come as a surprise to you. However, according to the StyleSeat analysis, Portland, Oregon, tops the list as the most beauty-obsessed city in the country because this city's hair and spa businesses have the highest ratings at an average of 4.57 for beauty businesses, 4.64 for hair businesses and 4.74 for spa businesses.

While Portland doesn't have as many hair salons per resident, this city takes the cake based on average customer reviews of hair businesses. If you're all about hair, Portland might be your city. There's truth to the saying "Good Hair Day," as when your hair looks good, you feel good, per Psychology Today. When your hair looks good, you feel more confident, which shows in how you carry yourself. Perhaps you want to color your hair to match the changing seasons or get a new flattering haircut; when you're happy with your hair, you're more content with yourself. Then, the next time you find yourself in Portland — check out one of their hair salons and see for yourself.

It stands at number seven regarding beauty (skin, makeup, and nails) and number seven when it comes to spas. Overall considering the number of beauty businesses per 100k residents and the average ratings, Portland scores the highest at 36.13 out of 45, per StyleSeat.