Queen Camilla's Plane Suffers Damage After An Unexpected Hit

Queen Camilla went on a lavish getaway without King Charles to relax, but her trip's end was quite stressful. Camilla, Queen Consort, returned to London on a British Airways flight after spending nearly 10 days at a holistic health center near Bengaluru, India. The Times of India reported that Camilla Parker Bowles visited the Indian healing center Soukya for the first time in 2010, returning multiple times since then. The outlet also noted the wife of King Charles III had "rejuvenation therapies" during her most recent visit. According to the Daily Mail, Camilla indulged in meditation and massages during previous visits, but Soukya also offers a few unpleasant treatments such as vomiting, enemas, and even leech therapy.

It's possible the reason for Camilla's trip to India is for some much-needed destressing before the next few months. On October 26, The New York Times revealed that fans will get to finally read Prince Harry's new memoir, "Spare," on January 10. Buckingham Palace and the British media are reportedly panicking over Harry's book and what the prince might say about Charles and Camilla. In addition, Season 5 of "The Crown" drops on November 9. The new season follows Charles and Camilla's affair, which is not a good look for the king and queen. Actor Jonathan Pryce told Deadline that he's "bitterly disappointed" by those who have attacked "The Crown" before Season 5. Pryce's feelings referred to the actor Judi Dench's criticism of the TV show.

However, Camilla's plane from India almost undid her days of destressing after an unexpected hit.

Queen Camilla's close encounter of the avian kind

A bird smashed into the nose of Queen Camilla's plane as it was flying home to the UK from an Indian health retreat, according to the Daily Mail. However, the plane was able to land safely. The close encounter with the bird likely frightened the Queen Consort. According to Express, Camilla is a nervous flyer, while her husband, King Charles III, reportedly loves air travel.

The Daily Mail reported that the British Airways flight from India hit the bird as the plane approached London's Heathrow airport for landing. Instagram user @that_planeguy captured a photo of Camilla, Queen Consort's plane after it landed at Heathrow. Along with the photo of the plane's close encounter with the bird, the photographer wrote, "Now there's something you don't see everyday [...] bird strike on climb out of BOM (BA118). Flew the sector and landed safely at LHR."

In 2020, a royal insider told the Express, "[Camilla] does not like flying." However, since Charles and Camilla's royal duties require that they fly, the source told the outlet, "I think she sometimes has to embrace fear and get on with it." Thank goodness the Queen Consort and everyone else on the flight are okay.