Awkward Fixer Upper Moments That Were Caught On Camera

"Fixer Upper" will go down in HGTV history. The iconic renovation show first hit our screens in 2013, and we immediately fell in love with everything Gaines, Farmhouse-chic, and Waco, Texas (via Waco Tribune-Herald). For over 100 episodes, Chip and Joanna Gaines bought, remodeled, and designed homes for everyone, from newlywed couples to families of eight, as reported by Country Living. 

With coolheaded, antique-loving Joanna as the lead designer, and her down-to-earth, rambunctious husband Chip as the lead contractor on all their projects, each episode gave us something new to aspire to in both the housing department and the #relationshipgoals department (via People). Defined by Forbes as the "Fixer Upper effect," the show's popularity expanded so far that, by 2018, starter homes whose listings included phrases regularly used on the show, such as "farmhouse sink" or "claw-foot tub," sold for as high as 29% above the expected price. 

It's not just the folksy charm of Jo's designs, or the Texan touch Chip brings to his renovations that keep bringing us back time and time again, but it's the couple's ability to keep it real. Sporting "Television Star" as their official job title for almost 10 years now, the Gaines have had the good, the bad, the unexpected, and even some pretty awkward moments of their lives all caught on camera. From renovation blunders to nearly-broken bones, being thrown under the bus by their own kids, here are our top 11 awkward moments caught on the set of "Fixer Upper:"

Timelines don't always go to plan

In a moment chronicled in Country Living, Chip and Joanna unexpectedly designed for their youngest client. While renovating a house for Whitney and Martin Gaspar, the couple gets the news that Whitney has gone into labor 2-weeks early, throwing a wrench in their original timeline. While the Gaines knew their clients were about to become a family of three, they hoped to have the Gaspar's new home completely renovated in time for their baby's homecoming. 

Despite the professional stress Baby Gaspar's early arrival no doubt caused, missed deadlines and late shiplap shipments couldn't keep Chip and Joanna from making a sweet stop by the maternity ward. "He's a little bit early," Martin says, to which Chip jokingly replies, "Yeah, thanks for nothing on that!" referencing their crew back on the housing site, scrambling to finish the project. "It's going to be really close," Chip admits, "[but] we're going to push as hard as we can." 

Joanna, for her part, only has eyes on the Gaspars' new bundle of joy. She faux-sobs while holding the baby in her arms, saying, "This is gonna make me want another one!" Her wish would come true only three years later, with the Gaines's own surprise arrival of baby Crew, their fifth child, in 2018 (via Entertainment Tonight). Oddly enough, baby Crew also arrived 2-weeks early, just like the Gaspars' baby! When announcing Crew's birth, Joanna wrote on Instagram that she and Chip "couldn't be more in love." 

Chip and Joanna stumble upon a hoarding situation

While filming a segment for their new spinoff series "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home," Chip and Joanna unknowingly walk their clients into a situation that looks like it would be more at home on an episode of TLC's "Hoarding: Buried Alivethan on the Gaines' wholesome design show (via YouTube). In a clip posted by the official Magnolia Network YouTube page, Joanna says, "I've never seen anything like this," as she struggles to make her way out of a bedroom completely covered by debris and garbage. 

While Jo speeds her way through the house, her clients can only follow behind, laughing awkwardly at the situation. "Babe, they were the original composters!" Chip says as he wanders into the kitchen and opens the dirt-covered fridge. "You opened the fridge?!" a disgusted Jo asks. Chip was so astounded by the site that he even shared a photo of the refrigerator on his Instagram page

Later, as the couple gives their on-camera confessional, Joanna admits, "I can't be in that house," and reports how the stench made her nose and eyes burn, forcing her to abandon the walkthrough.

A karate kicking contest goes wrong

In both a memorable and meme-able scene from Season 2 (as you can see on Chip's Instagram), Chip decides to spice up Demo Day by challenging Joanna to a karate kicking competition. The wall's going down anyways, so why not have some fun with it? Jo decides to give in to the Demo Day fun despite her usual no-nonsense attitude. 

As you can see from this YouTube clip, Jo goes all in, smashing through the drywall in her country girl boots and blue jeans, giving the wall an impressive kick. Her enthusiasm immediately backfires, though, as her foot gets caught in the drywall, and Chip, ever the gentleman, rushes to her rescue. As he lifts his wife out of the drywall, he asks, "Are you okay, Joey?" — once again, reminding us of what true love looks like. (via E! News). 

Once he's sure that Joanna isn't hurt, Chip picks up the ante, getting a running start before throwing his whole body up against the thin drywall. "Don't be stupid!" Joanna warns, mere moments before her husband crashes through the sheetrock. The collision makes Joanna's clean karate kick look like child's play. After a stunned silence, the camera catches Chip responding, "I'm mostly okay," in a pained voice. Though the clip aired alongside the original episode, clearly for comedic effect, Joanna later admits in the confessional that she really was afraid Chip had broken "his arm, his shoulder, or something."

Chip loses his hammer privileges

On an episode of "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home," Chips gets a little too enthusiastic about Demo Day. With her Homes and Gardens-approved design style, Jo is hoping to preserve as much of the original house as possible. Meanwhile, Chip can't wait to get the destruction going. 

Having noticed that there is a large window hidden behind a piece of drywall in the master bedroom, Joanna decides to put a stop to the tomfoolery. "I'm taking it out of your paycheck if you break this window," she says in this clip from the Magnolia Network YouTube page, as she shoots her husband a stern look. Sensing Chip's childlike excitement, Joanna finally puts a pause on the demolition, despite her partner's promises to be careful. 

"There's an 88% chance I will [break the window], but there's a 12% chance I won't." However, his calculations do little to calm her fears, and Jo eventually confiscates his trusty hammer. "We're going to have a talk before I give this back to you," she says as she leaves the room.

Their son Crew keeps it real

While revealing a passion project of Chip's, a minty green fixer-upper that the star bought on a whim, the Gaines enlist the help of their second-oldest son Duke and their youngest son, Crew (via Magnolia Network). Joanna shoots her husband their famous line, spoken in almost every episode of "Fixer Upper:" "Are you ready to see your fixer-upper, Chip?" she asks. The always-enthusiastic Chip screams "Yes!" while Joanna and Duke take over canvas-pulling duties, sporting huge grins on their faces as they pull away the image of the house's old façade. 

Upon the reveal of his dream home, Chip bursts into fake "tears," hamming it up for his son and the cameras. Duke laughs as his dad attacks him with hugs and cuddles, pretending to wipe his nose on the boy's black shirt, but when their smaller son toddles up, things get a bit awkward (via YouTube). Chip excitedly scoops up his baby, asking, "Crew, do you want to live here?" but the toddler doesn't skip a beat before answering, "No!" 

Chip's smile drops while Joanna bursts into laughter. While Mom and Dad may be seasoned professionals, there's no doubt that the couple didn't rehearse with Crew before cameras started rolling. Chip then asks Crew if he at least wants to take a look at the inside of the house. Thankfully, this time, he answers, "Yes!"

Joanna reveals a new addition to the family

On a very special episode of the final season of "Fixer Upper," Joanna tackles the project of renovating a home for her older sister, Mary Kay. Not only is Mary Kay (who the family, according to People, calls "Mikey") looking for a new house with her husband and five kids, but the family is also making the big decision to move back to their hometown of Waco, Texas for the first time in nine years. Joanna may be used to the renovation stress, but no one could blame her for being especially invested in this once-in-a-lifetime project. 

During one of her on-camera interviews, chronicled by New Haven Register, Jo says, "We've been doing houses for 15 years now, and I would say this is the one I'm most excited about." If this episode wasn't sentimental enough, cameras also caught the exact moment Joanna told Chip that her sister was pregnant — for the sixth time! The couple is surveying their newly installed playroom cabinets, bearing five cubbies for five kids, when Joanna informs Chip that there might be a "small issue" with the piece. 

"We need to add an extra cubby," she says with a sly grin. "Why?" Chip asks. His eyes widen as the information slowly sinks in: "Mikey and David are pregnant!?" he gasps. The father of five then "takes a knee," sighing heavily, surely imagining the happy chaos in store for his brother-in-law.

Chip's birthday surprise backfires

In a terrifying clip from Season One that has since been posted to YouTube, Joanna's birthday present to Chip causes some unexpected property damage and, perhaps, some mental damage. The born and bred Texan was so excited to receive a surprise Jeep for, as Country Living recalls, his 39th birthday that the first time he gets behind the wheel, he makes a near-fatal mistake. Cameras are rolling as the car unexpectedly lurches forward, almost hitting Jo. 

The designer yelps as she jumps onto the grass. Though crew members rush forwards to attempt to stop the vehicle from crashing, it's too late. Chip collides his birthday present right into the back of a production van. 

When producers ask the couple later about the incident, Chip explains, saying, "I put it in first gear, so when I turned the ignition on, the thing started bouncing forward, and I almost crushed my wife!" From the sound of Joanna's laughter, it seems like Chip was the only one truly shaken up by the incident. "Jojo, that's not funny, baby!" he says, as his unbothered wife just laughs at his distress.

Jo takes over drill duties

As longtime "Fixer Upper" fans will know, it's not uncommon to see Chip wielding drills, hammers, and saws or even kicking down some drywall with nothing but his own booted foot and some determination. However, fans might be surprised to see this clip shared by the Magnolia Network, where Chip actually has to enlist some help with the task of installing a client's heavy new kitchen doors. Even more surprisingly, instead of calling for Saul "Shorty" Sanchez, Chip's beloved sidekick and the man he's even called his "brother" on Twitter, Chip instead recruits Joanna to try her hand at some manual labor. 

"Babe, I got some bad news," he says, interrupting Jo as she attempts to unpack some kitchenware. With a dejected look, Joanna can't help but practically reads his mind. "You need me to help you with this?" she asks. 

Chip admits defeat before immediately teasing his wife's lackluster drill skills. "I did not come to work for this," Jo cries as she clumsily takes over construction duties. Later, Chip admits to the camera that the role reversal wasn't just for show. "I actually needed an extra hand," he confesses, "I mean those doors are stout!" Like most things regarding home renovation, though, Chip and Jo got the job done by working together.

A cameraman takes a kick

Chip Gaines is known for his goofy personality and roughhousing on the set of "Fixer Upper," but this moment posted by the HGTV UK YouTube page might have taken it too far. After a long day of renovation, Joanna finds her husband sitting atop the unfinished second-level portion of what will eventually become the new home of Brandon and Kristen Haire (via Country Living.) "Do you know how when you've had a hard day," Chip asks, "you just wanna kind of look back and admire your work?" 

Like the good business partner and supportive wife she is, Joanna agrees, saying, "I do know that feeling, Chip." To celebrate a job well done in his distinctly Chip-like way, Chip then leaps off his perch. "Here I come!" he cries. 

Jo pleads with him not to jump, no doubt worried if he'll be able to stick the landing without jeopardizing all their hard work (or injuring his famously weak ankles, according to People), but it's too late. As he propels himself from the half-finished second story, Chip swings his body directly into the camera equipment. Whether it was an actual crew member who took a hit, or just some fancy hardware, we'll never know, but the collision between Chip and the camera shook the house hard enough for viewers to see debris falling from the ceiling! Undoubtedly, this awkward moment took the production crew some time to recover from. 

The Gaines go DIY

After calling it quits with the original run of "Fixer Upper" in April of 2018, bidding HGTV adieu after five incredible seasons, the Gaines announced their return to television in 2020 with the reboot "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home" (via House Beautiful). Not only were fans ecstatic to hear that their favorite design duo would soon be gracing their screens again, but the announcement also detailed that the Gaines would spearhead their very own network, the Magnolia Network, through Discovery+. 

Though the COVID-19 pandemic pushed back production on the network's official reality series, that didn't stop the Gaines family from jumping back into their renovation adventures. While renovating their very own Waco, Texas farmhouse, Chip decides to bust out his cellphone, connecting with fans through their new Magnolia Network YouTube page and recording a DIY walkthrough with Joanna. 

A very cozy-looking Jo takes Chip around their living room, showing fans the new additions, including deep green kitchen cabinets and a beautiful brick fireplace. Though the couple are undoubtedly seasoned television performers, Chip's cameraman skills are a little shaky. In a revealing and relatable moment, Joanna warns Chip to stop zooming onto her face and messy bun, throwing her hand up in front of her face. Later, she throws out some directorial advice, saying, "Chip, show them the space!" as she describes their design plans for the living room. 

Chip takes it to the next level

When Chip asks, "Any of you boys good at these stilts?" you know you're in for trouble. In this clip posted by the Magnolia Network, Jo finds herself watching on as Chip tries his hand at living the life of a "sheetrock guy," hopping up onto a pair of drywall stilts. With the help of a few of the professionals, Chip is able to hobble around the house, gripping onto the ceiling for dear life (via YouTube).

He eventually makes his way into the front yard, where, just as Jo predicted, he finally takes a tumble. The unscripted nature of the moment becomes clear when Chip continues to lie face down in the grass for a moment too long, laughing at himself, and Joanna tries to duck away from the cameras to hide her laughter. 

After the hilarity of the situation has died down and the couple is being interviewed for the camera confessional, Jo admits, "Any project Chip is in, it's like there's something in the air that makes him want to do something really stupid." From what we know of their love story and by the sound of her laughter, we'd say she wouldn't have it any other way, and we wouldn't either (via House Beautiful).