New UK Poll Names The 2 Most Popular Members Of The Royal Family

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has led to many changes within the royal family, most notably the ascension of King Charles III. In addition, Prince William and Catherine Middleton were named the new Prince and Princess of Wales, and are expected to take on even more duties. In fact, Charles' recent decision about working royals proved us all wrong. Before the queen's passing, sources had revealed that Charles was planning to cut that number down of working royals to eight, which would include (of course) King Charles and Queen Camilla, Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, William and Kate, and Princess Anne, per Insider.

But the king had a change of heart and decided to keep the number of working royals at 11 — at least for now. In addition to those previously mentioned, Queen Elizabeth II's cousins — the Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandra, the Duke of Gloucester, and his wife the Duchess of Gloucester — will continue with their duties, per Express. "There are no current plans to change anything on that front," a royal source revealed.

Now that the official roster is set, there's a new poll to determine who are the most popular royals — and the results aren't surprising.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are the most popular royals

A new U.K. poll has found that William and Catherine Middleton, the Prince and Princess of Wales, are the two most popular royals. An Ipsos UK surveyed 1,095 British adults on the royal family, and 69% reported that William was "favorable," while Kate's approval rating was at 67%. Princess Anne came in third place at 64%.

While King Charles III came in fourth place, he can be pleased that his popularity has gone up 11% since the last survey in March 2022. "The popularity of the new Prince and Princess of Wales should also give confidence to the monarchy for its future. For the moment, the Royal Family and the new King are showing they can maintain public support in this new age," said Gideon Skinner of Ipsos UK, per the Daily Mail.

William is expected to play a crucial role in Charles' coronation, even joining the coronation committee to make sure that the event doesn't include any "archaic, feudal or imperial" elements, per The Telegraph. In addition, William and Kate's two older children, Prince George of Wales and Princess Charlotte of Wales, are expected to be in attendance. Writing in Vanity Fair, royal author Katie Nicholl said, "The ceremony will likely highlight the line of succession, with William, [Catherine Middleton, Princess of Wales], and their children featured more prominently than other members of the family."