The Alleged Reason King Charles Is Now 'Bewildered' By Meghan Markle

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King Charles' relationship with Meghan Markle is precarious. From the outside, it looked like King Charles III initially welcomed the actor into the royal family. The two were reportedly close, with the future king walking Meghan, Duchess of Sussex down the aisle at her 2018 wedding in place of her father, Thomas Markle (via Express). But now the king is, at best, distant from Meghan and Prince Harry. Rumors have swirled about King Charles not allowing Meghan and Harry at his coronation. This historic event marks the first coronation since his mother's in 1953, according to The Royal Family. But King Charles may not stop there. A royal expert believes that King Charles could strip Meghan and Harry of their titles completely.

It comes as no surprise that the king may still hold a few grudges against Meghan, who many see as the catalyst for Prince Harry's decision to give up life as a full-time royal. Now, a royal insider has shared King Charles' current feelings toward his daughter-in-law.

King Charles reportedly 'feels betrayed' by Meghan

A royal expert now claims that King Charles III is "bewildered" and "feels betrayed" by Meghan Markle's behavior toward the British royal family, according to Us Weekly. Christopher Andersen, the author of "Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan," told Us Weekly that, while King Charles "was very fond of" Meghan, her and Harry's decision to leave The Firm left him "somewhat bewildered."

However, Andersen said that Meghan is "justifiably" speaking out about what royal life was like, according to his interview with Us Weekly. That said, he doesn't believe her words go unnoticed by The Firm.

"Oh, I think they pay attention," the royal expert said. While Andersen said that Queen Elizabeth II had been "used to handling this kind of" media circus, he believes King Charles hasn't yet processed Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's decision to no longer be full-time royals.

"I think — as far as Charles is concerned, specifically — you know, he feels betrayed," Andersen said.

King Charles is supposedly upset with Meghan's commentary

While King Charles III has had a rapid change of pace since ascending to the throne in September 2022, his royal transition has been overshadowed by Meghan Markle's public statements, according to royal expert Christopher Andersen. After the king "walked Meghan halfway up the aisle," he reportedly did not know how to handle Meghan and Prince Harry's continued public comments about private royal life, according to Andersen's interview with Us Weekly.

The close relationship King Charles had with both his son and daughter-in-law may have further complicated the estranged relationship. "I don't think it threw [Queen Elizabeth] as much as it has thrown at Charles, and understandably so, because this is his son and the daughter-in-law who . . . [have] said some pretty hurtful things," Andersen said.

But Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex seem to be set with their decision to stay open about their experiences in The Firm. The king may have harsher words about his son and daughter-in-law after reading Prince Harry's new memoir "Spare," when it hits shelves in 2023.