How The November 8 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Will Affect You If You're A Virgo

If you're seeking refuge from all of the midterm election stress, then look no further. The moon has you covered with a welcome lunar distraction — twofold actually. On November 8, 2022, not only with there be a full moon but also a lunar eclipse too. For some that just sounds pretty to behold, but to those in the know, we already recognize the intense emotions this kind of event conjures. Full moons are powerful in and of themselves, bringing the energy of release and cleansing your soul to make room for newness, per Stylecaster

Now, the added layer of a lunar eclipse just makes things all the more powerful. So powerful, in fact, that they multiply the significance and spiritual impact of the lunar event, according to Mind Body Green. Notably, this also happens to be the final total lunar eclipse until 2025. Coupled with the fact that Mars is in retrograde, you should be getting the picture that this is a big one (via NASA). There's no need to stress though; intense astrological events don't necessarily mean your life gets thrown out of whack (shout out to Mercury retrograde). 

Sometimes it simply means there's some intense power you can tap into to do some self-work and healing. Of course, the best way to learn how to take advantage of that energy is to understand how it impacts your zodiac sign specifically. Here's looking at you, Virgo.  

Remember your feelings aren't facts

The sign in which a full moon lands holds certain relevance and especially for you this time, Virgo. Landing in Taurus, you could do with tapping into their chilled, simple outlook on life. This full moon lands in your ninth house of higher learning, and Woman & Home suggests you embrace how susceptible your mind has been feeling lately and explore that rather than feeling discomfited by it. Everyone's emotions are heightened right now, and it's easy to fall victim to letting your mind run away with you. Hold on tight this full moon, and question your thoughts and feelings. 

One of your worst habits, Virgo, is burying them deep down. Of course, this only results in an explosion further down the line. Full moons present the ideal moment to set some time aside to meditate and really reflect on your emotions, so you can sort through them and allow yourself to let go of those that no longer serve you. Thoughts can feel like chains at times, especially when you live in your own mind and allow them to run rampant. Unpacking them gently under the light of the full moon could be healing.

Elsewhere, Mercury falling in your third house of communications means you should think hard about how you should share these feelings moving forward, per InStyle. Sharing with others, and listening in response, is its very own form of release and one you should tap into more often. 

Sometimes others might know best

It's not only your thoughts and feelings that you should reflect on during this full moon, Virgo, but also your beliefs. When it comes to setting goals and reaching them, you tend to be very rigid in believing that you always know best. Well, it's time to open your mind up to the idea that perhaps there are better ways. Shondaland explains that this full moon and lunar eclipse will definitely be kind to you, aiding you in reaching your manifestations. 

However, the secret is in how you reach them. Whether in your career or your own personal journey, embrace the full moon landing in your ninth house of higher learning and remain open to new belief systems that could help you get where you're trying to go, per Stylecaster. You can't always have all the answers; you're only human. Sometimes the key to growth actually lies in an entirely new way of thinking that you never even considered before. 

Keep an open mind this full moon and remain accepting of new knowledge, as Elite Daily advises. Only by releasing the shackles of your self-imposed restrictive beliefs can you truly blossom and reach new heights, so get out there and go for it, Virgo.