The Heartfelt Way Kate Middleton Plans To Honor The Late Queen For Christmas

A million people per year visit London's Westminster Abbey, per Guide London. The iconic Gothic cathedral's formal name is the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter at Westminster, and it has a deep history in the U.K. It's where a number of former monarchs and prominent British historical figures are buried, and it has been the site of nearly every English coronation since 1066. 

The coronation tradition will continue in May 2023 for the coronation of King Charles. With a seating capacity of 2,200, it was the site of the state funeral for Queen Elizabeth and the memorial service for Prince Philip. As far as happier occasions go, it's where a number of royal couples have tied the knot, including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in 1947 and William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Princess of Wales in 2011, via Architectural Digest

And Westminster Abbey will soon be the backdrop to a holiday event hosted by Kate Middleton in honor of the late Queen Elizabeth.

Kate Middleton requested corgis on the concert's invitation

Kate Middleton is hosting a Christmas carol concert on Thursday, December 15 at Westminster Abbey, and the public can watch the show on Christmas Eve on the U.K.'s ITV channel, per Express. In a sweet gesture for the first Christmas after the queen died, the event, according to the Westminster Abbey website, will be in part "a tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the values she demonstrated at Christmas time and throughout her life." The event will also honor people and organizations from around the UK that give their time and talents to making the lives of those around them better.

For those lucky ones who have been invited to see the show in person, the invitation features a drawing of Westminster Abbey in the snow done by artist Aurelie Baudry Palmer. Palmer revealed the feedback from Kensington Palace she received after sending in a version of the invitation: Kate herself asked that the image on the invite include corgis; the queen loved corgis throughout much of her life. Another sweet gesture to a beloved monarch.

Kate hosted a similar carol concert in 2021, and she even revealed a hidden talent when she accompanied Scottish singer Tom Walker on the piano. No word if she'll have a similar performance this year. The service is set to include carol performances by the choir of Westminster Abbey along with other musical guests.