25 Places To Shop For Petite Sizes

Shopping for clothes is usually fun, but, if you're petite, it's not always easy. Pants are often long, and sleeves must be rolled — two complaints that petite women experience. "I find outfits that are just sensational," actress Cheryl Ladd shared with ABC News. "And then I put them on and the sleeves are too long, the jacket is too long and I have to get everything almost remade for me."

When we think of the word "petite," many think of "tiny," according to Byrdie. However, petite clothing refers to clothing cut specifically proportionate for women 5 feet, 4 inches tall or below (per BuzzFeed).

With 43% of American women considered petite (per ABC News) and the poor petite retail offerings making headlines, it's clear the women's fashion market had to do better. Fortunately, the industry seems to finally be paying attention, with more brands than ever offering everything from jeans and pants to shirts and dresses cut for petites. Here's a rundown of our favorites and where to find them.

Petite Ave

Petite Ave, described as "personal shopping for women under [5 feet 5 inches tall]" that offers pieces taking you "from office hours to after hours," is a personalized style and subscription service catering to women 5 feet 5 inches tall and under. Its founder, former Google employee Vanessa Youshaei, launched the business after she struggled for years to find clothes that fit her petite frame correctly. "Standing at 5'0, everything was always too long on me," she said in an interview with InStyle. "As a result, I spent a lot of time and money finding and altering clothing."

Petite Ave shoppers submit a survey regarding their sizes, budget, and style preferences, leaving the team to curate the best pieces to fit the unique needs of customers. "Our mission and long-term vision at Petite Ave is to expand the fashion-forward options that are available to petite women," Youshaei said.


Spanx has long been a lifesaver when it comes to undergarments, but the brand is also known for its fabulous basics which cater to women of all sizes, including petites. Spanx founder and CEO Sara Blakely began the brand in 1998 with comfortable undergarments and shapewear that promote a smooth, flawless look. Over the years, per InStyle, the brand has expanded to include bras, bodysuits, activewear, pants, leggings, jeans, jumpsuits, maternity, and even a men's collection.

Some of their bestselling items include their basic black pants and leggings which feature the brand's stretch fabric and design for a flattering and comfortable fit. Many of them, including their "Perfect Pant, Hi-Rise Flare," are available in regular, petite, and tall. Other Spanx petite favorites of ours include their "Perfect Pant, Slim Straight" — available in black, navy, and navy pinstripe — and their faux leather leggings, white jeans, and flare jeans.


NYDJ did for jeans what Spanx did for black pants and shapewear. The brand formerly known as Not Your Daughter's Jeans launched in 2003 to provide an alternative to the ill-fitting low-rise denim that flooded the market at the time. NYDJ's high-rise "landmark premium stretch jeans with Lift Tuck® Technology were designed to help women look, feel and wear a size smaller, using a proprietary slimming panel with a patented criss-cross design to flatten in front and contouring construction to flatter curves in back."

With other denim brands evolving to meet this need, NYDJ expanded to include a full line of tops, pants, and shoes; has advanced its use of sustainable denim technology; and has become recognized for fitting multiple body types, including petites.

NYDJ is sold online, at retail store locations in Garden City, New York, and Scottsdale, Arizona, and at department stores Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Nordstrom, and Dillard's.

Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom is one of our favorite department stores for their wide selection, quality, and customer service. The retailer is home to many brands offering petite sizing, from NYDJ to Wit and Wisdom. In 2017, Nordstrom became more inclusive to women of all sizes. "I think the fashion industry in general needs to commit itself to inclusivity, and I strongly believe it's about time, to be honest," Tricia Smith, executive vice president for women's fashion at Nordstrom, told Glamour. "And hopefully, all brands and retailers will learn to pay closer attention to their customers."

As of 2017, Nordstrom brands Topshop, Madewell, and Rag & Bone all jumped aboard the expanded sizing train (via Fashion Network). Additionally, the store features a separate department for petites, while its sister outlet store Nordstrom Rack features a similar selection of brands offering petite sizing, including Democracy, Amanda & Chelsea, and SLNY.


Nordstrom's longtime competitor, Bloomingdale's, is another department store known for its petite-friendly brands. The upscale retailer carries brands, such as Nic + Zoe and Karen Kane, offering items for petites, including blazers, dresses, and pants, while brands NYDJ, Joe's Jeans, and Liverpool Los Angeles offer denim inclusive of petite women.

Bloomie's also offers a wide selection of petite dresses. If you're petite, you may think maxi dresses will drown you, but think again. Style influencer Holly Ah-Thion advises looking for maxi dresses with thigh slits. As she told Refinery29, "It flashes a little bit of leg and breaks up the bulky fuller length of the skirt or dress, which adds the illusion of height and flatters my height a lot more."

While its brands don't suit all price ranges, Bloomingdale's has fabulous Friends & Family sales — providing 25% off on many items — multiple times each year.


Bloomingdale's popular sister department store Macy's is another retailer known for its assortment of petite-friendly brands, some of which include INC, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein Jeans, Alfani, and Karen Scott.

Alicia Richmond, founder and wardrobe stylist for Chic on a Shoestring, explored Macy's petites department with Debbie Worthen of Salt Lake City, Utah's KUTV CBS in a segment for its lifestyle show, "Fresh Living." In the segment, the women discuss a common complaint they have of petite women's departments in America: The clothes are often not age appropriate, and can be frumpy rather than fun and flattering. Worthen was impressed with one pair of black jeans she tried on from NYDJ (Not Your Daughter's Jeans), which, to Worthen's pleasant surprise, are not just for moms but daughters, too.

And, like its upscale counterpart Bloomingdale's, Macy's offers fabulous sales year-round, including its Friends & Family sale, making the store's offerings widely accessible.


When it comes to petite women's clothing, Topshop is a favored option. The popular trendy women's clothing brand, which was acquired by ASOS, can be found on ASOS's website and Nordstrom stores nationwide, per Reuters.

When Refinery29 interviewed several petite style influencers to get their take on their favorite brands for petites, their personal relationship and pain points with petite clothing, and their tips for finding items for petite frames, influencers Monikh Dale, Holly Ah-Thion, Eni Ilori, and Corrie Bromfield all cited Topshop as a "high street store" that "cater[s] best to the petite market." Additionally, YouTuber Haley Estrada included Topshop on her list of "the best jeans for petites."

Fans of the brand seem to especially like their jeans. As style influencer Corrie Bromfield told Refinery29, "I like that in places like Topshop, they do jeans in multiple leg lengths so you can find the perfect length for you."


ASOS, popular for their petite selection consisting of everything from dresses to pants to jackets, encompasses many brands, including Topshop, which they acquired in 2021 (per The Scotsman). ASOS's website points out their unique petite maxi dresses, which "mean no more tripping over your hem," and their petite jeans for "no more rolling up your trouser legs next time it rains."

In  with petite style influencers Holly Ah-Thion, Eni Ilori, and Corrie Bromfield, who all consider ASOS to cater well to the petite clothing market, as they revealed in interviews with Refinery29. In terms of volume alone (well over 2,500 items), ASOS has the other brands and stores beat.

River Island

River Island is a trendy British fashion brand committed to sustainability that's existed for more than 60 years. Items include everything from tops, jeans, pants, and dresses to swimsuits, pajamas, lingerie, undergarments, and loungewear. The line was listed by petite style influencer Holly Ah-Thion among other popular high street fashion brands Topshop, ASOS, and Miss Selfridge as catering well to the petite market, according to Refinery29. The brand's extensive selection of petite women's clothing consists of jeans, pants, tops, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, jackets and coats, and more. Shop directly from the brand's website or from other retailers, including Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and ASOS

A few River Island items we love include their Petite Black Ruched Sleeve Blazer, Petite Brown Crop Faux Shearling Coat, Petite Black Mesh Long Sleeve Blouse, and Petite Black Bardot Jumpsuit — a petite dressy jumpsuit, not the easiest type of piece to find!


Like its name implies, Madewell is a brand of women's clothing, known for their "great jeans," which are "superflattering," "superpremium," and "supersustainable," according to Madewell's official website. Madewell is sold at retail department stores Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Bloomingdale's, and Shopbop, as well as various Madewell retail locations and online.

PopSugar even called out the brand's petite-length jeans in an April 2021 report of its favorite items from the fashion brand, which also include jackets, dresses, pants, and overalls. 

Bestselling Madewell petite pieces include their Petite Harlow Wide-leg Pants, their Petite Perfect Vintage Jean in Manorford Wash: Instacozy Edition, and their Petite Corduroy Long-Sleeve Mini Shirtdress.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic is known for its classic and elegant pieces. Over time, the brand has expanded to include shoes, handbags, and accessories, as well as a selection of items for babies and for the home. The retailer's petite collection is impressive, featuring everything from dresses and dress pants to blouses, tunics, jackets, and jumpsuits. Several of the brand's most popular petite pant styles include the Ryan, a slim, straight trouser pant, which fashion assistant Pamela Katz called the "perfect fit" and the "ultimate find." Other popular options include the Sloan, a slim ankle pant; the Avery, a tailored cropped pant; and the Logan, a cropped, "menswear-inspired" trouser pant.


Designed for women 5 foot, 4 inches tall and under, Express' petite section is sure to please with its stylish choices and relatively affordable prices. We love the Express website's robust petite resources, including helpful guide at the bottom of each product page with information on, for example, where your pants should fall and how long a maxi dress should be.

In 2017, People magazine's 5-foot deputy style director Sharon Kanter had the opportunity to put Express' newly-launched petite collection to the test. Kanter's experience was a good one; she found that the majority of items she tried fit her "perfectly." But, while she loved the blouses and ankle-length pants, she said she loved their jacket selection most of all.

Petite Studio

If Petite Studio wasn't already on your radar, it should be. Founder Jenny Wang-Howell launched the sustainability-focused New York-based women's clothing line solely for petite women in 2016. "I founded Petite Studio to be the first real petite shop offering trendy, stylish petite clothing for women," as Wang-Howell is quoted on the Petite Studio website. "As an immigrant to the United States from my home in Zhejiang China, I didn't have a lot of resources or formal education in the fashion industry. But I knew that the lack of stylish petite clothing in the market was a problem. I wanted to offer luxury fabrics and special designs, and do it in the heart of the fashion world in New York City."

The website boasts petite tops, dresses, pants, skirts, and outerwear, and more. A top will set you back around $70-$100, while pants go for an average of $100 for a pair. 

Old Navy

Since 1994, Old Navy has been known for their affordably priced fashion finds. The popular American chain retailer — which has become one of the world's largest — that's part of the Follow Gap Inc. group of brands that includes Gap, Athleta, and Banana Republic should also be regarded for their petite women's selection. A quick search of their website generates a wide selection of tops, dresses, shorts, jeans, activewear, sweats, loungewear, pajamas, and intimate apparel.

Old Navy is a great place to purchase a pair of petite leggings (because we know you're tired of all that extra fabric gathering at the bottom). With their large selection, you're sure to find just what you're looking for. A few of our favorite finds are their Short Sherpa-Paneled Puffer Jacket in Black Jack and their Long Double-Breasted Sherpa Coat, available in brown or cream.


It's hard to remember a time before the Gap. Part of the Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta family of brands, the Gap is the mall brand that started it all. Founded in 1969 to "make it easier to find a pair of jeans that fit," the brand is long known for its casual, preppy style for men, women, teens, kids, toddlers, and babies.

Its Petite Shop offers a wide assortment of jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, pajamas, loungewear, t-shirts, tops, and sweaters that are all designed for women 5 foot, 4 inches tall and under.

While the majority of pieces reflect the Gap's basic streamlined style, the brand has ventured somewhat out of its comfort zone with items like their Puff Sleeve Faux-Leather Mini Shirtdress, Mockneck Cutout Midi Sweater Dress, Ruffle Hem Plaid ShirtdressOversized Khaki Shirt Jacket, and cozy ribbed flare sweater pants and cardigan set.

Lane Bryant

Though it's taken time for the world's retailers to get on board with inclusive sizing, Lane Bryant was one of the first to show that women come in all shapes and sizes. The plus-size women's retail chain additionally offers a petite collection designed for women 5 foot, 3 inches tall and under, includes long-sleeved shirts constructed 1.5 inches shorter, full-length inseams reduced by three inches, and altered waist placements, while pieces remain the same throughout the chest, waist, and hip, for a fit proportional to petite figures. 

Lane Bryant's Classic Button-Front Girlfriend Shirt, Signature Fit Straight Jean, and Signature Fit Slim Ankle 4-Season Pant, all available in regular, petite, short, and long, are among the items the outlet called out. We also thought their Signature Fit High-Rise Pull-On Jegging in Light Wash With Rhinestones deserved a shoutout.

Anthropologie and Free People

Anthropologie, considered a "unique, full-lifestyle shopping destination" part of the URBN portfolio of brands, is home to clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty, bridal, furniture, home decor, garden, and more. In addition to its own line, the retailer houses popular brands that include Blank NYC, Frame, and Good American, to name a few.

The Philadelphia-based retailer of trendy, fun, yet classic styles offers an extensive petites collection to boot, where you'll find petite dresses, jacket, jeans, jumpsuits, loungewear, pants, shorts, skirts, sleepwear, sweaters, tops, and tees. Fabulous finds include the sparkly By Anthropologie Sequin Buttondown Shirt in multiple colors, and the edgy Maeve Layered Sheer Mini Dress in black, both available in standard, petite, and plus from sizes XXS through XL.

Anthropologie's trendy bohemian sister-brand Free People also offers something special for their petite customers: jeans featuring both short and long inseams.


When it comes to jeans as a petite person, it's helpful to know which brands offer multiple lengths. Paige, "a California lifestyle collection for men and women" launched by Paige Adams-Geller in 2004, has a large selection of petite denim designed for women 5 feet, 4 inches tall and under in various cuts (bootcut, flare, cropped, jogger), colors (dark/medium/light blue, black, white, olive green), and fabrics (faux leather and velvet in addition to traditional denim), which include the brand's Margot Ankle jeans in Black Shadow and Cindy Petite jeans in Music Distressed.

Because Paige denim is "dedicated to the details" and "achiev[ing] the perfect fit," with each pair "meticulously designed, washed and wear-tested," these top-quality petite-cut jeans come with a hefty price tag of $209+. In addition to Paige retail stores located throughout New York, Paige petite denim is sold online via their website, at Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, and Zappos.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has long been known as a brand that brings to mind classic, tailored all-American style, with its website calling it "one of the world's most widely recognized families of consumer brands." Ralph Lauren's multiple brands include the highly recognizable Polo Ralph Lauren, Lauren Ralph Lauren, and Ralph Lauren Collection. One thing's for sure: When you purchase a piece from Ralph Lauren, you know it's a classic item you'll wear for years.

The iconic designer brand also offers an extensive collection of clothing for petites ranging from size 0P to 14P. You can't go wrong with a Ralph Lauren Herringbone BlazerCorduroy High-Rise Boot Trouser, or classy Satin Charmeuse Shirt in light or chocolate brown. Items from Ralph Lauren's petite collection can be found online, in one of their many stores in the U.S. and around the world, or at Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and more.

Michael Kors

Though launched all the way back in 1981, in the 2000s, Michael Kors became the "it" brand of "luxury accessories and ready-to-wear" designer pieces, including handbags, shoes, and clothing, which has morphed into a "luxury lifestyle empire with a global reach." Its collections include the high-end Michael Kors Collection, as well as the more moderately-priced MICHAEL Michael Kors and Michael Kors Mens, which offer a variety of pieces priced within reach of the average consumer's budget.

The designer's petite collection includes a wide assortment of clothing, including jeans, pants, dresses, tops, loungewear, jackets, and coats, with what appears to be the largest assortment available at Macy's department stores. You can also browse their petites in any of their retail stores in 40+ U.S. states, plus Washington, D.C., or around the globe in more than 60 countries including the U.K., Italy, Greece, Aruba, Poland, South Africa, Ireland, Switzerland, Mexico, and Thailand.

Nic + Zoe

Nic + Zoe is a popular mother-daughter-operated clothing brand at Bloomingdale's — which is likely how many fans became acquainted with the brand. The clothing line offers artful high-quality pieces you won't find everywhere. Their petite collection offers an array of pants, sweaters, cardigans, knit tops and tees, shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, jackets, and blazers.

While the line is on the pricier side — the average sweater is around $150 — deals are possible. Check out the sales at Bloomingdale's, especially Friends & Family, where the majority of items are 25% off. While Friends & Family is not offered at time of publication, a quick search generated 12 Nic + Zoe items on sale from 25% to 70% off, so you can definitely find some items you like at a discounted price.

In addition to Bloomingdale's and Nic + Zoe online, the brand operates retail stores throughout the country in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Colorado.

Karen Kane

Karen Kane is a California-based clothing brand for women that began as a side hustle by the brand's namesake and her husband shortly after they married in the '70s. After approaching multiple clothing boutiques throughout Los Angeles, they found a few who agreed to work with them. The brand has come a long way from its humble beginnings operating from the couple's garage; today, both of their adult sons are also part of the business.

Karen Kane offers stylish, trendy, and high-quality pieces to take from day to night, though you probably won't find high school girls wearing the brand. There is an excellent assortment of tops, sweaters, pants, jeans, and jackets for petite women 5 foot, 4 inches tall and under with narrower shoulders and a shorter torso.

Karen Kane's petite collection is sold online via the brand's website and at high-end department stores Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's.


Founded in 2009 as a Los Angeles-based vintage clothing store, Reformation has focused on sustainability since the beginning. Though they quickly shifted their focus to new clothing constructed from recycled materials and repurposed vintage clothing, Reformation has made it clear that sustainable fashion does not have to sacrifice style. Their elegant pieces, including silk dresses and sleek jumpsuits, are well-suited for work or play.

Reformation's curation of petite clothing shows just how far petite fashion has come. A few of our favorites include their silk midi skirt, velvet ankle-length dress in cream with contrasting black adjustable straps and cowl neckline, and two-piece set consisting of matching crop top and maxi skirt. There's also the Petites Graham Pant and the Petites Sigmund Dress. Each is available in sizes 0P to 12P. But be prepared: We didn't spot anything for under $128.

Ann Taylor and Loft

Ann Taylor may primarily be known for sophisticated, structured office clothing, but their petite selection offers a lot more, including ruffled tops, printed rompers, and midi skirts that fall where they should. Some Ann Taylor locations even offer custom tailoring. 

In 1998, the company began attracting younger working women after launching its sister brand, Ann Taylor Loft, which became simply Loft in 2009, according to Insider. In the early 2000s, the brand had a solid presence in the New York fashion scene. Despite falling on hard times in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic and closing over 1,100 stores, the brand still has great offerings for petites in 2022. Even if there isn't a store near you, both Ann Taylor and Loft offer it all online.

New York & Company

New York & Company has been around since 1918, but it's clear they've kept up with the times. While most of their physical retail locations have closed, you can shop New York & Company's proprietary clothing line, which includes a collection from actress Gabrielle Union, online. The company's website also features a selection of items from other brands. For a wide selection of petite sizes — 00P to 18P — and great prices, you can't beat their petite collection, which includes pants available in average, petite, and tall.

We also seriously love seeing jeans such as their Petite Curvy High-Waisted Super-Skinny Ankle Jeans, showing that the apparel industry has finally come around to creating clothes for real women's bodies. Their jeans are also offered in a variety of washes – light, medium, and dark.