The Untold Truth Of Sophia Grace And Rosie

When you think of "Super Bass," it's very possible that the song's singer/rapper Nicki Minaj isn't the first person you think of. In fact, it might just be two adorable British girls who spring to mind.

Cousins Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie McClelland rose to fame after a video of the duo singing Minaj's song was posted to YouTube. From there Ellen DeGeneres found the two, and as they say, the rest is history.

While it was one song that brought the girls major fame, that's not all there is to know about them. So let's take a closer look at Sophia Grace and Rosie and some untold truths about the young stars.

They made their first video just for fun

When their soon-to-be viral video was first posted, Sophia Grace was only 8 years old and Rosie was only 4. But it wasn't fame the girls (or their families) were looking for. It was all just for fun. As Sophia Grace told AOL, "Rosie happened to be at my house playing dress up so we thought we would just stand there and look cute and sing along and dance."

In fact, her parents didn't even want to post the video, but the rest of the family pushed for it. What started out then as a couple of views became an eruption of excitement. Sophia Grace continued, "The first time it had 7 views, then we looked again the next day and it had like 100 views, and then celebrities started tweeting it, like Puff Daddy and Justin Bieber and it went crazy."

Simple advice from huge stars

At just 8 years old when her first viral video came out, Sophia Grace soon found herself having some one-on-one time with Ellen Degeneres on her show, as well as her idol Nicki Minaj.

When later asked during an interview with Build about her interactions with the stars, she spoke to some wisdom the two women shared with her. Keeping in perspective that Sophia Grace's age at the time, the advice makes complete sense. She shared that "[Minaj] just said stay in school and stuff ... just have fun."

Ellen's advice was similar; in the spirit of fun, she told the young star, "Don't take things too seriously," and "Don't get too nervous." As Sophia Grace shared during her interview, this has been important advice for her over the years.

Singing wasn't always the dream

Although Sophia Grace came to fame because of her voice and stage presence, this hasn't always been the big dream for the young star. Speaking with Bustle, she said, "I've always sung. My parents noticed that I had quite a good voice, but when I was younger I didn't even think about being a singer when I was older." 

And even though she can now see a singing career in her future, she hasn't given up quite yet on other goals. When asked during an interview with Kidz World what career she would possibly want, she mentioned singing and acting, but also possibly being a doctor one day. Similarly, Rosie told Kidz World that her dreams include acting, dancing, or being a vet or hostess. Luckily, the girls have some time before making those big decisions.

No longer a duo

Now, for the most devastating news: Sophia Grace and Rosie are no longer a singing duo. In 2014, Sophia Grace stopped posting videos with her cousin and started to focus on her own music. But no worries for fans — the two are still close. 

During a 2017 interview on Lorraine, Sophia Grace spoke about her cousin, saying, "She's great. She's just doing what every other 11-year-old does." She also shared that their families were planning to go on holiday together in December of that year.

These cousins aren't best friends

Not only are Sophia Grace and Rosie not a duo anymore, they aren't besties either. This has become clear over the years through the content the two have shared on social media. 

In January of 2015, Sophia Grace posted her music video "Best Friends," which surprisingly did not include an appearance from Rosie. Then, a couple of years later, Rosie also posted a video during which she shared video notes from her friends, but Sophia Grace wasn't one of them. 

While these girls may not be sharing friendship bracelets, they are family for life. In 2017, Rosie shared a sweet post on Sophia Grace's birthday, commenting, "Happy Birthday to my amazing cousin."

"There's no more tutu"

Sophia Grace and Rosie created a brand for themselves: young girls singing the latest hits in their adorable tutus. However, times have changed. The two girls are getting older, and one of the biggest changes has been in their wardrobes.

Sophia Grace spoke to this topic with Loose Women (via Cosmopolitan) in 2017 and said, "There's no more tutu. I think it looks pretty, but I'm 14 in April, so I guess I'm a bit old now." The world will have to wait to see what her and Rosie's next big fashion statements will be. Hopefully it still involves tulle.

Old Ellen videos embarrass Rosie

Watching old videos of being a kid can be a bit embarrassing, so picture if those videos have been watched by millions. In October of 2017 Rosie took the time to re-watch her appearances on Ellen and posted a video with all of her reactions. 

So, how did she respond? Just as many others would. One of her first comments was, "It is still embarrassing." Throughout the video, she made fun of her voice as a kid, comparing it to a "chipmunk," and teased herself on some of her answers to celebrity questions.

Even Sophia Grace doesn't like watching herself on video

Sophia Grace's videos still get a ton of views these days, but she isn't among the people watching them. In fact, the young star doesn't like watching any of her own videos. This is especially the case when it comes to her earliest videos. As she said during an interview with Build, "I'm proud of everything I've done, but I guess I get embarrassed sometimes. And I like to talk about stuff I'm doing now more."

Would she want to watch the videos with her friends? That's a big no. But she doesn't think she's alone in giving that response, adding, "I feel like everyone finds it a little bit embarrassing watching stuff from when they were younger." That's a safe bet, Sophia Grace.

Tips on how to become famous

Still just a young teen, Sophia Grace has continued to perform and posts often to her YouTube channel. When interviewed by Lorraine, she spoke to her fame and her tips to other young girls who want to find that same fame.

Her advice is pretty easy to follow. She said, "You just got to be you really. Be natural and have fun, because people want to see you the way you are and will like you for who you are, not being someone else. So that's what I try to do." It's safe to say that she is succeeding in that goal.

Haters gonna hate

It's hard to believe that adorable stars like Sophia Grace and Rosie would receive harsh comments on social media, but Sophia Grace has confirmed that no one is immune.

As she shared with Lorraine, she is able to keep things in perspective and has an idea as to why people are saying those mean things. "I really think that if the 'haters' saw you in real life they wouldn't actually say these things to your face. They just feel confident behind their computer screens ... Half of the time I think it's just people who are bored. So they just decide to comment on this because they're bored."

The star showed her maturity during the interview, sharing how she handles the bad comments in the moment. "I just try to laugh about it, and I actually find them quite funny sometimes."

Acting isn't as easy as it looks

Sophia Grace and Rosie make singing, dancing, and acting look natural and easy. While this may be the case for singing and performing, Sophia Grace has shared that acting has been harder for her to master. When speaking with Movie Mom
about her 2014 movie with Rosie, Sophia Grace and Rosie's Royal Adventure, she discussed the day-to-day world of acting and where she has had the most trouble.

She said, "I think the hardest thing wasn't actually anything to do with the movie, it was just like when we we're practicing the lines. It goes over and over again because we have to do the scenes over and over again. The director would say 'one more time' but it would actually be a hundred more times." But the star was a good sport and enjoyed every moment of it. She continued on to say that while it was "quite hard," that it also was "really fun."

Rosie is doing it all

While Rosie may not be in the music business the way Sophia Grace is, she has proven that an 11-year-old can be quite busy. She posted a video to her YouTube channel, sharing what she's been up to.

She has been practicing gymnastics for two years and has posted content of her learning new tricks. She is also learning Spanish, and in 2017 she received her first solo in singing class at school. Oh, and if that's not enough, she is adding to her musical knowledge. During the video about her schedule these days she said, "I took my prep test in piano and I passed! And I'm really excited about that." You go, girl.

Focusing on body positivity

Sophia Grace has used her fame for good, giving a focus in her music to overall body positivity. Being a young role model for girls, the star uses her lyrics to bring up this important topic. Bustle shared some of the lyrics from one of Sophia Grace's songs, including lines like, "You're too short, too fat, too skinny. Hey, well excuse me if I think that I'm pretty."

Sophia Grace is excited to give a voice to the topic. She told Just Jared Jr., "I'm so excited for you all to hear my new song 'Girl In The Mirror.' I hope I can inspire all girls from around the world with my lyrics that proudly explain we should not be concerned with our physical attributes, but to know [it's] really about what's inside."