The Girly Hair Accessory Trend That Goes With Any Hairstyle

Current trends are completely inspired by the 90's, with baby tees, varsity jackets, and even those once-loved choker necklaces making their way back into mainstream fashion, per Seventeen. So it makes sense that a lot of the hair and beauty trends we see align with the decade as well. According to Allure, more and more people are jumping in their stylists chairs and asking for short, sleek bobs, two-tone coloring, and one-off styles like baby braids, space buns, and half-up pigtails a-la Britney Spears in "Baby One More Time."

As the holidays approach, people are starting to take note of the fall and winter trends, many of which are as simple as a hair accessory. According to Vogue Scandinavia, the claw clip was the first accessory to come back in style — and it did full force. Influencers and celebrities everywhere, not to mention everyone from teens to hip moms — have been seen sporting the claw clip. But as we entered into a new year, the clip took a back seat and the once-beloved hair accessory that made Blair Waldorf famous came back, and this time, it's better than ever.

Hair bows are the hair accessory of the new year

There is nothing quite as feminine as a hair bow, and while bows were left to newborn babies and toddlers for quite a few years, the girly trend is officially back. Vogue Scandinavia is calling the hair bow the most popular hair accessory of 2022 and after seeing it on the runway from the likes of Chanel and Dolce and Gabbana, we'd have to agree.

But quite possibly the best part about this accessory is that it truly goes with any hairstyle. According to Yahoo!, no matter how you style your hair, a bow can add some pizazz and make even the most drab styles suddenly adorable. They recommend putting a bow on the crown of your head for a sleek and simple look or adding it to a low, pulled back ponytail. If you want to keep your hair down, try adding a small, detailed bow to pull back just the front pieces that frame your face or try a half-up style like Sydney Sweeney did at the 2022 Venice Film Festival. If you are truly loving the trend, you may even want to lean into another hot trend by matching your bow to your outfit. No matter how you style it, adding a simple bow will make you instantly feel just a tad bit girlier and put together.