The Body Part Queen Elizabeth Was Most Self-Conscious About

Queen Elizabeth II was a model for how to live a long and robust life. Reaching the age of 96, she proudly wore the crown for over 70 years to become the longest-reigning monarch in British history (via Statista). Though Elizabeth's mobility issues forced her to miss some events during her Platinum Jubilee, she didn't let her ailments interfere with her work. Her Majesty officially met with Liz Truss to appoint her as prime minister just two days before her death at Balmoral Castle in Scotland (via NPR).

Part of what contributed to the queen's long and healthy life was her belief in everything in moderation. She lived a very active lifestyle, often taking very long walks. She enjoyed being out in nature and often hiked on her various estates, went horseback riding, and walked with her dogs, which she did well into her 90s (via Today).

As a busy royal, so much of Elizabeth's life revolved around public appearances, so staying healthy and in shape kept her camera ready. However, there was one body part she didn't want to be photographed in her later years.

Queen Elizabeth said no to these photos

According to Insider, Queen Elizabeth II was known for making her health a priority, yet she did not deny herself enjoyable meals and snacks. Though not vain or obsessed with her looks, there was one area she didn't want to be photographed.

British celebrity photographer Rankin claims that he asked Her Majesty to pose with a sword in her hands for a photo and she denied his request, stating, "I don't like my hands," per theĀ Mirror. "I was like 'I really want to photograph you holding the sword', and she said 'I don't like my hands' and I thought that's the best get out of holding the sword," says Rankin.

Elizabeth turning down Rankin's request led to him taking another photo of her walking down a long hall with her footman, laughing and chatting, which he believes captured her best. The photo later became part of an exhibition. Rankin says, "The curator said that my photograph of her is one of their favorites, which I think means the palace's favorites, because she's really laughing in my picture."

Often seen wearing gloves, oddly enough, it was her hands that were captured in a photo with Liz Truss that had the public concerned for the queen's health.