Why 'For The Love Of Kitchens' Stars Are The British Versions Of Chip And Joanna Gaines

If you're a Chip and Joanna Gaines fan, you'll want to check out Magnolia Network's "For The Love of Kitchens." Even if you're not a fan of Chip and Joanna, you'll still want to watch the show. Magnolia's "For The Love of Kitchens" follows the British company deVOL Kitchens as they create stunning kitchens all over the UK. Founders Paul O'Leary and Helen Parker believe the kitchen is the heart of the home, and with the help of the deVOL team, they create hand-crafted kitchen furniture and accessories. "For The Love Of Kitchens" is a Joanna Gaines-approved show. Joanna was so impressed by deVOL Kitchens and the company founders that she offered them a TV series on Magnolia Network.

If you've ever considered renovating your kitchen but didn't know where to start, "For The Love of Kitchens" is the perfect show for you. Not only will you see amazing kitchen transformations unfold before your eyes, but you'll also pick up plenty of useful tips and tricks along the way. Like "Fixer Upper," Paul and Helen share their wealth of knowledge with viewers, and deVOL Kitchens' team of experts plays a major role in each episode.

Even if you have no intention of renovating your kitchen, it's still fun to drool over deVOL Kitchens' stunning handiwork. We believe "For The Love Of Kitchens" will be a huge hit for Magnolia Network because Helen and Paul are the British versions of Chip and Joanna!

How deVOL Kitchen founders Paul O'Leary and Helen Parker got a show on Magnolia Network

The founders of deVOL Kitchens got a show on Magnolia Network in a very unusual way. Founders Paul O'Leary and Helen Parker got a call from Chip and Joanna Gaines after they opened the deVOL Kitchens New York City showroom. Paul wrote on the deVOL Kitchens blog, "We took a call, and Chip and Joanna Gaines asked if we would still be there as they were just landing at JFK and wanted to come straight over to see our new showroom." Paul expressed shock on the deVOL blog and wrote, "Just before they left they asked if we wanted to make a TV series, just like that. Errrrrm OK then. We didn't know they had just bought a network! And they really meant it!"

"When it comes to kitchens, deVOL is the benchmark," Joanna explained in a Magnolia Network trailer, via Real Homes. "When they talked about these kitchens, you knew they were super passionate about it. After that day, I told Chip, 'They need to have a show.'" Like everything Chip and Jo decide to do, the idea to give the founders of deVOL Kitchens a TV show was good. In 2021, the new Magnolia Network show was nominated for a Daytime Emmy, according to Deadline. But here is why we believe Paul and Helen are the British Chip and Joanna.

Why deVOL Kitchens founders inspire like Chip and Joanna Gaines

Like Chip and Joanna Gaines, deVOL Kitchens founders Paul O'Leary and Helen Parker inspire fans to create a happy and relaxed home. In Season 1 of "For The Love of Kitchens," they created new kitchens for castles and tiny cottages. Watching the British couple create gorgeous kitchens, you'll spot the similarities between the deVOL founders and the Magnolia founders. Helen styles kitchens with flowers and lemons. Like Joanna, she keeps it simple.

Paul and Helen have the same energy as the famous "Fixer Upper" couple because they don't fear mistakes. Some might not know Chip and Joanna closed the first shop they opened.

In an interview with The Times, Paul explained deVOL Kitchens survived the 2008 recession. He made a big change. Paul said, "I decided to run my business with zero fear — not to worry about what might go wrong." The deVOL founder noted, "If you fail, you're just going to be broke, and that's not the end of the world — you can just start again."

After watching an episode or two of the Magnolia series, you may find yourself inspired to paint your cabinets or swap out your countertops to make your kitchen the true heart of your home. Paul and Helen inspire people to trust themselves, and we think you'll love the new show! Catch "For The Love Of Kitchens" Season 2 on Fridays on the Magnolia Network or stream on Discovery+ and HBO Max.