Famed Dior Handbag Held By Princess Diana Is About To Make A Comeback

Princess Diana remains a fashion icon inspiring generations of fashionistas who are drawn to her eye-catching personal style. Her memorable outfits are even more in the spotlight now as the new season of "The Crown" was just released, showing Elizabeth Debicki in some of Lady Di's most iconic looks. Besides her clothing, Princess Diana had an extraordinary taste in accessories which also made her a trendsetter in that field. 

One of her favorites was a Dior handbag that to this day remains a popular choice among consumers. The bag was originally named "Chouchou" and it landed in her hands in 1995 as a gift from France's First Lady (per Vogue). The princess fell in love with the bag and made it a staple in her looks. The bag was later renamed "Lady Dior" in her honor. The bag is characterized by its 'D.I.O.R' charm and its squared shape. According to Dior, Lady Dior comes in multiple sizes, colors, and materials — which are revised each season by Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri.

The mini blue satin Lady Dior is coming back

Princess Diana commissioned a blue satin version of the Lady Dior bag which she luxuriously carried at the Met Gala of 1996, per Harper's Bazaar. The royal opted for that color because she wanted it to match her eyes. Now, Lady Di's custom-made bag has made a comeback. The satin back is priced at 5000 euros and only 200 units will be available beginning this week (via WWD). 

Diana's handbag taste has inspired many, including her daughter-in-law Megan, Duchess of Sussex. Back in 2021, the former actress was spotted sporting the Lady D-lite bag, a variation of the Lady Dior handbag (via Hello!). The duchess's bag was particularly special because it had the letters "DSSOS" instead of the traditional "Christian Dior," which is assumed to be the acronym for her royal title: "DSS" for "Duchess" and "OS" for "Of Sussex."