The Bold And The Beautiful's Heather Tom Reveals Her Favorite Katie Storylines

"The Bold and the Beautiful" is full of talented daytime television stars, but one actress delivers powerhouse performances in every scene. Heather Tom joined "B&B" in 2007 at Katie Logan, often the voice of reason in the trio of Logan sisters (via Soap Central). Katie wears her heart on her sleeve and isn't afraid to leave her emotions on the table for everyone to see.

Katie has been known for her on-again, off-again relationship with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) and their love triangle involving her sister Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang). Recently, Katie's eyes have been on a different man, Lawrence Saint-Victor's Carter Walton. With Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) out of the picture, the road is paved for a possible long-term romance between the two, per Soaps In Depth

Whether Katie is in a relationship-ending screaming match with her ex-husband or sisters or fighting for her life in a hospital bed, the storyline is bound to be memorable. To the delight of loyal "B&B" viewers and fans of Katie, Tom has opened up about her favorite moments since taking over the role — ranging from scenes with her television sisters to secret bedroom trysts with her on-screen stepson to glamorous on-location shoots in breathtaking international locales. 

Heather Tom loves scenes with the Logan girls and ex-husband Bill Spencer

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Heather Tom discussed all things "The Bold and the Beautiful," naming many of her favorite cast members and storylines to work with, especially as a member of the Logan family

When asked about her on-screen family, Tom was quick to point out that working with her television sisters is a highlight of her job. She said, "I love being a Logan girl! The best thing about being a Logan girl is getting to work with Jen [Gareis, Donna] and [Katherine] Kelly [Lang, Brooke]. I think it's clear that we have a sisterly relationship off-camera that shows up on-camera. When we have scenes, sometimes you may think that they can seem to be the most mundane scenes in the world, but I think they are so fun to watch because each one of these characters has a very specific point of view."

Tom also discussed working with Katie's ex-husband Bill Spencer, played by Don Diamont. The characters not only share a child, but they often find themselves fighting over her sister, Brooke (via Soap Central). About Diamont, she said, "He's crazy [laughs]. But, I find him very funny — and I love that he cares so much. He cares so, so much about the character and the story and the work and the show. Everyone here does, but he really cares, and honestly, I think that's the most important part of this business."

Heather Tom thought her postpartum storyline was important

With so many storylines to choose from throughout Heather Tom's tenure on "The Bold and the Beautiful," certain plot twists and unexpected moments stand out. Katie Logan's current fledgling romance with Carter Walton is among the stories that her portrayer loves, as well as the way Katie got a new heart.

She told Soap Opera Digest, "I didn't see the Carter thing coming, but I have to say, when they decided to kill Storm and give Katie his heart, that was shocking. I didn't see that one coming at all." However, some of Tom's favorite memories from "B&B" are the ones rooted in raw emotion with the highest stakes. She couldn't pinpoint one specific storyline that stood out above the rest, but she did narrow it down to two, saying, "Honestly, it would have to be a toss-up between the heart transplant and the postpartum. The heart transplant was a moment that really defined this character. It forever changed her and gave her a different worldview — and then, the postpartum, I thought it was a really important story to tell, just in terms of how we as a society deal with postpartum."

Even though those storylines popped out to Tom as some of the most memorable, she couldn't resist spilling about her infamous "B&B" love triangle with Brooke Logan and Bill Spencer, as well as her tryst with Bill's son, Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks). 

The love triangle with Bill and Brooke still stands out to Heather Tom

One of the hallmarks of Heather Tom's time as Katie on "The Bold and the Beautiful" has been the ongoing love triangle involving Katie's sister, Brooke Logan, and her former husband, Bill Spencer. Despite promising to stay away from each other and vowing never to cross the line again, Bill and Brooke have betrayed Katie on multiple occasions (via Soaps). 

Regarding the trio, Tom said to Soap Opera Digest, "The best thing is I'm working with two people I trust, and I truly love, and so those emotions can come easily. Part of Katie's ordeal, yes, it was a betrayal [by] Bill, and that hurt and brought up all kinds of insecurities, but it was her relationship with her sister that I think she was more devastated by. It wasn't two women who hated each other fighting over the same man. It was two women who actually loved each other, who found each other in love with the same man. I thought that was a great dynamic and unique and fun and juicy to play."

Another romance-themed storyline that Tom looks back on fondly is her brief relationship with Wyatt Spencer. She recalled, "I think the Wyatt stuff was so much fun because Katie got to be kind of crazy and let loose and do things that she didn't expect herself to do. It was a really playful romance."