The Affordable Facial Cleanser Black-Ish Star Marsai Martin Uses For Sensitive Skin

Marsai Martin grew up in front of the world playing the role of Diane Johnson on the ABC show "Black-ish" over its 8 seasons — at one point in the final seasons, fans were worried that Martin had disappeared from the show, but fears were relieved when she came back. She started on the show at just 9 years old in 2014, though her TV debut came at the age of 5 in commercials, per Time for Kids. While being on a network TV show would be enough to keep a lot of people busy, Martin has started her own production company — called Genius Productions, and she's a Guinness World Record Holder. At age 14, Martin was the youngest executive producer on a Hollywood movie for the movie "Little," which she also starred in alongside Regina Hall and Issa Rae.

Martin revealed a hard time that she had when filming "Black-ish" in a video for Vogue about her routine for skincare and makeup. She said that she got jealous of the makeup looks that her TV mom, played by Tracee Ellis Ross, and siblings would get because they would, as she put it "be looking all good at seven o'clock in the morning. And [...] all I get is some Chapstick?" As she got older, Martin said it was exciting when they added mascara to her look. In the video, she also shows the world what she uses to wash her face ... and it's a bargain!

Noxzema's Original Deep Cleansing Cream contains eucalyptus extract

Actor Marsai Martin started at the beginning of her makeup and skincare routine with what she uses to wash her face, telling Vogue, "I go in with my Noxzema Classic Cream. My mom used this ..." She added, "A little goes a long way." The best part, if you want to follow in Martin's face cleanser footsteps, is that Noxzema's Original Deep Cleansing Cream retails at a very affordable $4.99.

Martin is a fan of the affordable facial cleanser since her skin "can be very sensitive sometimes," and with sensitive skin, she likes to "try to use as many [...] natural things for my skin as possible." The cleansing cream includes eucalyptus extract, which can help with inflammation and has antimicrobial properties, per Byrdie. Cream cleansers are ideal for dry skin, since they moisturizes while they clean, per Model Off Duty Beauty.

As for the 18-year-old actor and producer's best overall beauty tip, she told Hello Beautiful, "Always be comfortable! Whether that's your clothes, hair, and makeup, or your overall surroundings. Make sure you're the one happy with the way you look because that's what exudes confidence."