The Best Hairstyles To Wear At A Fall Wedding

Fall weddings are arguably some of the best — the foliage is golden and beautiful, there's the slightest chill in the air, and there are warm and cozy undertones to any celebration of love. Fall weddings also offer endless opportunities for fun hairstyles. In summer weddings, the heat can lead to many people opting for pulled-back looks so they can stay cool, and humidity can lead to frizz in an instant, leading many people to avoid any loose and flowing styles and go for ponytails and updos instead.

But in fall, the weather is perfect, and without the annoyances of heat and humidity, the hairstyle possibilities are endless. You can really choose a style that suits you, your outfit, and the vibe of the wedding, whether it's a slicked-back, trendy look or soft, voluminous, retro waves. Below, you'll find some of the best hairstyles to wear at a fall wedding, each pick suited to different hair types, lengths, and personal styles.

Loose waves

Sticking with loose waves is always a safe bet as a wedding guest, and flowing, wavy hair is especially suited to the fall season. This style also works well for all different hairstyles, hair types, and lengths. Alysa Pace of Bomane Salon in Beverly Hills told Byrdie, "Popular (wedding) styles are heading toward a tousled and effortless kind of vibe." This means that super tight ringlet curls may look a bit dated; keeping waves loose and soft will make them look pretty and on-trend.

Nick Stenson, Matrix's art director, told Byrdie that curls that are "softly swept off the face" and waves that are very "full, deep," and "lived-in" are what he's currently seeing in the bridal world. If you're someone with long hair, Stenson recommends wearing a long and natural style, saying, "For long hair, I'm in love with hair down and loose with a strong curl pattern." Stenson adds that he loves the look of long, wavy hair with strapless dresses, so that's something to keep in mind if you plan to wear a sleeveless or strapless dress.

Sleek chignon

The chignon, which is when all the hair is pulled back into a tight, smooth bun, is one of the most classic and sleek hairstyles to wear at a fall wedding. Not only will your hair be out of your face, allowing your makeup and outfit to shine, but chignons can also add a touch of classic elegance to any look.

Chignons are truly timeless — the hairstyle can be traced back to Ancient Greece, where men and women both donned the hairstyle, fastening the bun with handcrafted gold and ivory pins (via WikiWand). This tradition has lived on, and the chignon is a particularly popular wedding hairstyle for brides, bridesmaids, and guests alike (via Consider wearing a chignon if you plan to wear a backless or low-cut dress — it will allow the dress (and you!) to take center stage. You may also want to wear a chignon to a fall wedding if you opt for a dress made from a material like velvet or tweed – the understated hairstyle can pair well with busier or textured fabrics.

Half up, half down

Can't decide whether to wear your hair up or down? You could do both: Hair expert Brittany Harrington told Allure, "One classic bridesmaid hairstyle that will never go out of style is loose waves with the hair pulled halfway up, with a little volume in the crown." Whether you're a bridesmaid or a guest, a half-up half-down style is a pretty and classic choice. Adding volume to the crown, per Harrington's suggestion, elevates the style and gives the nod to classic 1960s wedding hairstyles, as outlined in a bridal hairstyle article by Good Housekeeping. This hairstyle is also universally flattering and can work well for people with short, medium, and long hair lengths.

Wearing your hair half-up and half-down also strikes the perfect balance between formal and casual. A super-formal, black-tie wedding may call for sleek updos, while a casual wedding would be more suited to loose and natural styles. However, a half-up, half-down hairstyle can be perfect for weddings of all types, making it a classic and versatile choice for a fall wedding.

Artfully messy updo

A messy updo during a summer wedding could look like a nightmare brought on by humidity, but at a cooler fall wedding, pretty, just slightly messy updos are great, effortlessly chic choices for wedding guest hairstyles. New York City-based hairstylist Devin Toth told Allure that these intentionally undone updos are "soft, flattering, and are super easy to describe to your hairdresser." As a bonus, this hairstyle works for all different hair textures and lengths.

An artfully messy updo is also very easy to customize with accessories or with face-framing tendrils, as seen on Cardi B (via Good Housekeeping). Because the hairstyle is so variable, you can add any elements you like, including braids, twists, and headbands. Consider trying an artfully messy updo as a wedding guest if you want to offset a sleek dress with a more natural hairstyle; you can also take a flowy, boho dress to the next level with this natural and windswept hairstyle.

Double buns

This twist on a typical bun is a trendy option for this year and would be well-suited to those wearing backless dresses since all the hair is swept up and off the back. Celebrity stylist Jenny Cho told Elle, "the backless element is the focal feature" and added that, in photos, "an updo can add drama for that over the shoulder shot."

If you haven't seen double buns much, the hairstyle is exactly what it sounds like – instead of having one bun, you divide the hair into two sections and have two separate buns. However, this isn't a space buns sort of look — space buns would likely be too casual for most weddings. Double buns are arranged in the back of the head (rather than the sides and top, like space buns) and look almost like one large, voluminous bun. Unlike a typical bun, which can look simple and understated, double buns tend to look more intricate and elegant.

Halo braid

This intricate braided hairstyle is a romantic, fall-inspired look that would be perfect for a wedding guest looking for something a little different. Braids add a whimsical and unmistakably playful flair to any hairstyle and can offset the moodier, darker colors we tend to see in fall weddings.

A halo braid typically goes around the top of the head, encircling it like a halo, but other braided updos can also work well for fall weddings. Hair expert Halli Bivona also noted that updos — braided or otherwise — can be flattering choices as well, telling Brides, "You can be incredibly creative when it comes to updos. I have found that every updo style can be adjusted to fit almost any face shape."

Though braided looks are a fun choice for all types of hair types and styles, one thing to note is that braids may fall out more easily if your hair tends to be slippery. If you have super-fine hair that doesn't always hold different styles, Elle recommends using a dry shampoo to add grip and volume.

French twist

It's safe to say that a French twist is one of the most classic wedding hairstyles, right in line with chignons. A French twist involves gathering all the hair into one hand and twisting upwards until it creates a uniform twist at the back of the head. It's a sophisticated, elegant, and, most of all, timeless hairstyle — and one that can be worn with all types of dresses and looks.

Although the brides and bridesmaids are the ones who will probably be getting the most photos taken of them, wedding guests often appear in photos too. And according to Nexxus Style and trends curator Lacy Redway, you want to choose a hairstyle you won't end up regretting once you look back on the photos. "You should ... consider the lasting memory of the photo," Redway told Harpers Bazaar. "Think about hairstyles you may look back on in 10 years and think — 'what was I thinking?'" With a hairstyle as classic as a French twist, it's unlikely you'll look back with regret.

Retro waves

Retro waves have an Old Hollywood charm that makes them a fun and glamorous option for a wedding guest hairstyle. Bridal expert Caitlyn Meyer told Brides, "I feel like we'll continue to see more modernized takes on classic styles — low, romantic updos and Hollywood Glam waves, for example." As far as retro waves go, Meyer says she sees many people request "the classic style with a side part and lots of volume," but that many people also like a more modern and "sleek" take on waves with a middle part.

Celebrity stylist Renato Campora told Elle that the best way to achieve these soft, retro waves is by using "a barrel tong to curl and set the hair, then brush it out to loosen the curl." According to Campora, this keeps the hair "full and voluminous but also fresh and natural." And though it may be tempting to spray everything in place to avoid curls falling, Campora advises against this: "Avoid using too much hairspray to set the hair — you want it to look lifted but not rigid."


As a wedding guest, you should definitely avoid any hair accessory that resembles a crown or tiara — these are reserved for the bride, and wearing one as a guest could definitely ruffle some feathers. However, hair accessories like headbands can be a great way to liven up any hairstyle and add some embellishment to your look.

A dainty, intricate gold headband can beautifully complement messy updos, while headbands with pearls or crystals can also add a pretty, delicate touch to any hairstyle. Bridal expert Grace Aguado told Wedding Wire that "detailed and uniquely embellished" hair accessories are trending at the moment and becoming more common for brides and guests alike, while hair expert Brittany Harrington told Allure that large headbands are currently on-trend. However, when it comes to large headbands, it may be best to check with the bride before donning anything too dramatic. Those who want to play it safe could always opt for dainty hair pins, a ribbon, or other small hair accessories instead of a statement headband.

Textured but natural

Natural, slightly messy hairstyles are perfect for the fall season and add a cool-girl vibe to any wedding guest's look. For example, leaving a few face-framing tendrils out of a high ponytail looks more casual and relaxed than a sleek, slicked-back look; keeping some natural texture in a loose, wavy style comes across as fresher and more on-trend. The same goes for other hairstyles, like braids and updos — keeping them natural-looking prevents you from looking overly formal (unless, of course, overly formal is what the wedding calls for!). Additionally, wearing your hair in a way that's natural and similar to how you wear it daily is more likely to make you feel comfortable and confident.

Bridal expert Alexandria Gilleo thinks the popularity of more natural looks comes from a shift in our lifestyles in the past few years, telling Wedding Wire, "I think overall people wore less makeup and styled their hair much less during the pandemic, and we found clients really embracing their natural hair and natural beauty."

Side part

Middle parts have been the trendy option for a few years now, but it looks like the side part is making a comeback. Harper's Bazaar shows how side parts have been all over the runway recently and demonstrates how a side part can work for any hairstyle, whether you have Rapunzel-length locks or a shorter hairstyle.

You have probably most often seen side parts paired with Old Hollywood glam hairstyles, but don't be afraid to experiment with other styles. If you're unsure which direction to go, consider pairing a side part with a blowout, which creates a "gorgeous, soft billowy texture," according to hair expert Leigh Hardges (via Brides). Whether you go glamorous and opt for a deep side part with loose curls or choose a boho-inspired updo with sideswept bangs, styling hair with a side part is a great way to stay on-trend at a fall wedding.

Elevated ponytail

The ponytail is a go-to option for a reason: it's easy, convenient, and keeps your hair out of your face. But for a wedding, you don't want just any old ponytail; you want to elevate the classic look in some way, whether by adding embellishment or opting for a high, sleek pony.

"My favorite style to do for bridesmaids are high slicked-back ponytail," hair pro Brittany Harrington told Allure. Whether a bridesmaid or a guest, this style is a no-fuss choice: "You don't have to worry about bangs in your face or curls falling, or sweat making the style fall." Additionally, a ponytail is a universally flattering hairstyle. "Everyone can pull off a chic high ponytail," Harrington said.

A ponytail is also a great hairstyle for anyone wearing a dress with a low back or plunging neckline, as it allows you to really show off your shoulders or collarbone. However, ponytails work well with high-neck styles, too, since they sweep the hair off the body and let the dress shine.

Bouncy blowout

For anyone who got a shag, wolf cut, or another trendy layered cut in the past few years, we have the best hairstyle for you to wear to a fall wedding: a 1990s-inspired blowout. (To get a visual of what this looks like, imagine any of the female characters from "Friends," and you're pretty much there.) Celebrity hairstylist Priscilla Valles told Cosmopolitan that mid-length haircuts with lots of layers and a side part is a major trend as of late, adding that it's time to "make room for your hot rollers."

Valles' recommendation to use hot rollers is a great tip for anyone looking to try a 90s blowout for an upcoming wedding. While you could get your blowout done at a salon, you can also achieve that bouncy, soft look using hot rollers. Hot rollers have a bit of a learning curve, so we definitely recommend practicing using them a few times before your event. However, to make things a little easier, hairstylist David Lopez offers some hot roller tips (via Refinery 29), including never rolling from the ends of the hair up and instead beginning mid-shaft to get a more modern look. "You want to build as much volume and shape in the mid-lengths of the hair [as you can] to support the waves when the hair gets brushed out," Lopez recommends.

Wet look

The wet look has been trending all year — as shown in this Byrdie article full of celebrities' takes on the look — and it's an edgy and modern style that you don't often see at weddings. However, keeping hair "a little damp and shiny" gives a trendy, elevated look that is perfect for the right wedding (via Harper's Bazaar). If you do choose this look, it's essential that it coordinates well with your dress — a slicked-back, wet look with an old-fashioned dress may give off a confusing vibe. Instead, pair wet, slicked-back hair with a sleek and modern dress. Additionally, there's an art to the slicked-back look — it's not as easy as just hopping out of the shower and nixing the blow-dryer. Hair expert Leo Izquierdo told Byrdie that people wanting to achieve this look should use a combination of leave-in conditioner (from root to tip), brush the hair up and back, and finish things off with a healthy dose of hairspray.

When it comes to edgy hairstyles like this one, it's always a good idea to run it past the bride before the big day — a super-traditional bride may prefer guests keep their hair in more conventional styles. But if you have the go-ahead from the bride, opting for a wet or slicked-back hairstyle can be a fun, modern, unexpected choice for a fall wedding.